Xuan Tianyi

Xiao Wei, Ba Dai and the ancient Yu turned their heads to the big room, only to see that it was quiet all around, but they really didn’t see anyone. They felt a little at ease and got up separately. Zhu Beirong said to the ancient Yu, “There’s no need to be a sentry in the future. Neighbors and passers-by won’t ask about the theft. You’ll follow us in the future. If Badai moves the big one, you’ll move the small one.” Ancient Yu nodded. The four of them went into the house, took out a small candle, saw that it was a hall, but there was nothing valuable to steal, and turned to the backyard. Came to the back garden, I saw a bright everywhere, surrounded by lanterns, shining at night, jade straight flow, all kinds of lights, straight with the stars and the moon. In the garden, there were several tables of food and wine, and the seats were full of beautiful women. There were twelve of them, who were talking and laughing happily and drinking lightly. Four people can not help but look at it. “It’s unfortunate,” said Badai, “to meet a flock of’dark birds’ who don’t sleep so late.” Suddenly, there was a sound, and one of the women began to play the lute. She “lowered her eyebrows and continued to play the lute, gently and slowly twirling and picking it again. At the beginning, she was the last six of the neon clothes. The big string was noisy like a torrential rain, and the small string was cutting like a whisper. The noise cut the wrong miscellaneous bullets, and the big beads and small beads fell on the jade plate.”. It is no worse than the pipa player written by Bai Juyi. Unconsciously, Xiao Wei began to sing, singing like a warbler out of the valley, and with the wonderful sound of the lute, people could not help but get drunk. I saw all of them were infatuated, but I didn’t realize that Lian Xie was sung by an “uninvited guest”. After the woman played, she changed to another female bullet, but Xiao Wei was still singing as usual. It was really a warbler’s voice that flowed around the beam for three days, and everyone was even more addicted to her singing. Wow! To be a thief is to sing in other people’s home, and it is really arrogant. I don’t know how long. Chu Pei-jung suddenly realized that they had not come here to attend a concert, but when they saw Xiao Wan singing more and more vigorously, it was out of control. She looked like someone else who kept playing the lute, but she was still unable to stop talking. At that moment, Chu Pei-jung picked up a stone and threw it at the lute. With a thump, the lute missed and knocked the beauty down. With a loud cry, the lute fell to the ground, the handle was broken and the string was broken. The song stopped immediately, but it also dragged a coda: “Ah!” This “cry of surprise” was not as pleasant as the song, which immediately attracted the twelve women in the garden to turn around and look at it. They saw Xiao Kui standing on the edge of a row of flower shelves. She was more beautiful than flowers, like a fairy coming down to earth. Everyone loved her, so they all rushed over, pulled forward and pushed back, and invited Xiao Kui to their seats. When Zhu Beirong saw this, collapsible pallet box ,ibc spill pallet, he was stunned and thought to himself, “If you want to steal something, how can you be dragged by the host to treat you?” Turning to look at Badai and the ancient Yu, I saw that the two of them were also staring at each other. Badai looked at it again for a moment and said dully, “What a misfortune!”! We came to steal, and they took us away. The ancient Yu turned his head sideways and said, “What should I do now?” As he spoke, he saw Xiao Wei standing up and beckoning the three of them to go over. The three of them looked at each other and walked over. As soon as they got closer, they saw four of the women. They looked just like each other. They were exactly the same. The three of them were stunned again. Xiao Wei said with a smile, “When I first saw them, I was surprised. They were quadruplet sisters called Jin Wu Sijiao-Jin Dajiao, Jin Erjiao, Jin Sanjiao and Jin Sijiao.” “What’s the use of knowing a name?” Asked Badaileng? I don’t know if that’s Dajiao and that’s Xiaojiao. Zhu Beirong laughed and scolded, “It’s still a big horse and a small horse. What kind of sedan chair is it?”? It’s a big argument, charming, charming and beautiful. When Sijiao heard this, she was overjoyed and said, “Do you think we are very charming?” Zhu Beirong’s character rose again. “Yes,” he said with a smile! The four of you are so beautiful! But see Xiao Yi all over the face unhappy, busy pointing to her, and said: “But it’s a far cry from her.” This said, immediately happy Xiao Wei, but angry four Jiao, all put the almond eyes a stare, first stare Zhu Beirong, then stare Xiao Wei. Zhu Beirong and Xiao Wei saw her four people’s eyes, like a sharp blade to shoot over, two people can not help but be startled. But he saw four women in Tsing Yi asking Zhu Beirong with a smile: “How about we compare with her?” Zhu Beirong has not yet replied. Xiao Wei has first pointed to her four people, from the right to introduce: “They are called cucumbers, cherries, green plums and broad beans.” When Badai heard this, he pointed at the four girls and said with a laugh, “Why are their names like that?”? It’s all for people to eat, and it’s cheap. It doesn’t cost a few pennies. “What’s he talking about?” Cried the four girls? We’re only worth a few pennies, and we’re full of food? The ancient Yu turned his head sideways and said, “Big head disease!”! You don’t even know that? To be eaten is to be a prostitute. “What?” With a loud cry, the four girls kicked the chair, rolled up their sleeves, and began to work. Badai hurriedly covered his cheeks with his hands, afraid of being hit in the mouth, and shouted: “Your mother’s milk, that’s such a fierce woman.” The four women were even more angry, so they came over and looked at Badai and beat him. The others quickly persuaded them to leave. The four women were so angry that they went to sit aside and turned their eyes, which could kill tens of millions of people, to Badai. They electrocuted him in one fell swoop. Eight After a quarrel, everyone could not help feeling embarrassed and fell silent. After the meeting, a girl in yellow smiled and said, “Today is our annual’Pipa Banquet. ‘We must not be in a bad mood. We should enjoy ourselves.” “Sister Wan Lijun is right,” said Xiao Wei with a smile. Badai pointed to the girl in yellow again and said with a smile, “Why are you called Wan Lijun?”? Why don’t you call Meng Lijun? She’s more famous than you. Wan Lijun’s face turned cold and she shouted, “Then what is your imposing name?” Badai smiled and was about to say. “” His name is Badai, “he said. The girls were stunned and then burst out laughing, and all of them laughed so hard that the flowers trembled. But will Badai laugh inexplicably? He thought,ibc spill containment pallet, “I have such a nice name, but what’s so funny about it?” But listen to Xiao Wei will Zhu Beirong and the ancients Yu are also introduced. A woman in purple then introduced herself: “My name is Qi Jinchan.” Badai hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is your cicada made of gold?” 。 binpallet.com


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