Wesley 046 (Hair)

“You’ve delayed too long,Walking tape measure,” added the leader. “You should go.” I don’t think it was a long delay. It was less than an hour. Although I decided to come back to Earth,Fish measuring board, I wanted to stay for a few more days. “I want to look around and stay a little longer, Wheel tape measure ,fish measuring tape,” I said. C’s father laughed and said, “This place is seven times bigger than the earth. How much time are you going to spend?” “One month,” I said. D shook his head and said, “Unless you don’t want to go back to Earth, it’s better to go at once!” I stayed for a while and asked, “Why?” D said,horse weight tape, “You forget that the ratio of time here to time on earth is one to fifty thousand.” When he said this, I was startled. For a moment, I was tongue-tied and could not say a word!. tapemeasure.net


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