Unexpected Beauty (1 female n male)

Add description for yYes, Tai Chi can calm people’s minds, achieve emptiness and clarity, and allow people to integrate into nature and gain infinite power from nature. Now that you have a good grasp of the mental method, I will teach you the various boxing manuals in time. With your skill, you will soon be able to understand how to use that inner strength. “Okay, let’s practice every morning from now on.” All right! Or no one will practice with me. I’m afraid I’ll be out of practice. “But are your moves that throw people to the ground also Tai Chi moves?” I giggled. Why was this guy thinking about his own fall. No, it’s called judo. In fact, the concept is somewhat similar to that of Tai Chi, which emphasizes the use of softness to overcome hardness. It’s just that judo is mainly a technique of external form, emphasizing ingenuity and strength, unlike Tai Chi, which emphasizes comprehensive strength with mental breathing. Come on, I’ll show you! Then I turned my back to the Windy City. “Hold me from behind!” There was a moment of silence behind him, and then came the hesitant voice of the Windy City: “Hug..” Hold you!? Yes, come on! Hold me hard from behind. 。」 “Good!” That’s a quick answer. At the moment when Windy City came up, I turned slightly, with my right foot,Rotating sludge scraper, which was not injured, as the center of gravity, turned my shoulder, and with the strength of my waist, I threw him on the ground, and then threw myself on him to suppress him. “This is what judo is all about. It’s mainly about using myself as a lever, and then using the force of your rush to throw you over.” I explained,disc air diffuser, but looked at the Windy City’s face, smiling completely unlike the person who had just been thrown to the ground. I was still wondering, but somehow Windy City broke away from my grip, turned over and quickly pressed me back under him, clasping my hands on both sides. “From now on, Yunsheng, you can only ask me to practice martial arts.” He looked at me in an overbearing tone. This guy rarely has such a tone, ah, this will not learn from Ye Wuhen! “Ah, there are few people besides you who can make me fall again and again.” “I’ll let you do it. You can do it any way you want.” Ouch! His touchy-feely tone is back. The fit of his body made me feel his disordered breathing, and his long hair, which had not yet been tied up, fell down on my cheeks and neck, wall penstocks ,disc air diffuser, and an itch went straight to the bottom of my heart. “Windy City, you don’t..” I suddenly thought of a possibility, and before I could think about it, I had already opened my mouth. “Hmm?” The head of Windy City suddenly pressed down. Maybe my voice was like a mosquito just now. He wanted to get closer and hear it clearly. “You wouldn’t like..” Waves of light flowed in the peach blossom eyes of his Jian, locking me tightly, causing me to choke unconsciously. Yes! I like At the same moment that I choked, the Windy City suddenly replied with certainty. “I’m not finished..” Does this guy read my mind and know what I’m going to say? I know what you’re going to say. I can answer you, yes! I like ! And I love it Then he lowered his head again, and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek. Ha! It turns out that you really like to make me lie on the ground. ! That’s all right I’ll take a taxi for three meals! This cognition makes me want to laugh. When I couldn’t help my chest shaking and laughing out loud, the Windy City on my body was frozen. He lifted himself up and looked at me with an incredulous expression. This guy didn’t get scared when he heard I was going to beat him for three meals, did he? All right, breakfast and dinner are ready! Chinese food lets you go After all, I am a kind man! Windy City let go of me stiffly, then got up and left without saying a word. “Hey, where are you going?” I got up from the ground. He turned his back to me and said, “Eat, breakfast, dinner,” in a tone that seemed to gnash his teeth. Then he jerked his head back and saw his face contorted and his eyes glistening. “You’re going to eat a whole baboon for me later!” He said, and after a few steps, he suddenly turned back, his expression still very ugly. “And no jerky!” Finally, he left with anger. Ouch! This guy won’t be angry, will he? ? He’s a big man. I won’t die if I fall a few times. ! And he said he liked to let me fall. ! A whole baboon. No jerky yet. Jesus Christ! This is torture ~ ~ Story of the Windy City All day long, the Windy City didn’t know what was wrong with it. No matter how much I teased him and what I said to him, he dismissed me with monosyllables. Only then did I realize that although I usually thought he was very garrulous, if I didn’t bicker with him, my whole body would be really uncomfortable, and I always felt that time passed very slowly. At the place where they spent the night, the Windy City laid the cloth in silence, looked for wood to make a fire, and then sat down and ate the baboon by itself. I moved over to him and handed him the rest of the can of sports drink. He glanced at me and didn’t take it. “No?” The Windy City did not reply, nor did it take it. “What on earth are you sulking about?” Ming Ming was fine in the morning. Is he still angry because I made a joke? This is too stingy. ! The Windy City stared at me and said, “You really don’t know?” “Know what?” I asked, tilting my head. “You really don’t know what I’m angry about?” I’m confused. I’m not a worm in his stomach. How do I know what he’s angry about? Yes.. Am I making fun of you for always being beaten down by me? I spoke cautiously, observing the look of the Windy City. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth as if he were enduring something. It doesn’t look like this. So what is it? No.. What else could it be? His face was so ugly that my voice trembled unconsciously. “Are you-are you really stupid or not?” “Huh?” The more he said, the more confused I became. “Just say what you’re angry about. If it’s my fault, I’ll apologize. How can I guess what you’re angry about?” The Windy City looked at me steadily for a long time, and then said with an expression as if I was hopeless, “I really admire you!” Then he got up and left. “Where are you going?” I asked, looking at his back. “Xiao,fine bubble diffuser, Xie!” And his figure sank into the woods. What on earth did he mean just now? After all, he didn’t tell me what he was angry about. ? Forget it! Never mind ! Anyway, it’s not the first day to know that this person is difficult to understand. 。 khnwatertreatment.comour Article from here.


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