The years I was out of prison.

“No, what if you get the ring and go back on it?” Zhao Yanze made an assessment of his character in his heart. A man with more negative points said nothing credible. “I know we are not your opponents, but don’t forget that the ring is in my hand. If you don’t promise us, you don’t want to know how to open the box.” Because of curiosity, he had tried to open the box to see what was special about the ring before he came, but he couldn’t find the button to open it. He hit the glass with a stone, but the glass did not move. He couldn’t open it, and the foreigner opposite certainly couldn’t open it either. So he was lucky to use this to cheat him, anyway, the result of losing would not be worse than staying here. So when he said this, he was particularly confident and refused to give an inch. Emerson saw that he did not look like a fake, and his eyes fell on the glass box again, only to find a problem that he had been ignoring. He was so close to the blood ring that he didn’t even feel the breath of the blood ring. That’s not right. That Zhao Chunyi must have asked someone to tamper with the box. Thinking of this, he believed the young man’s words again. What if you run away and don’t tell me how? “I keep my word, and I’m not interested in this ring, and I’m afraid you’ll continue to hurt my friends.” I don’t know what words he said moved Emerson. After a moment’s meditation, he compromised and said, “Well, I believe you this time.” He nodded to the person who was hiding outside, and Zhao Yanze took Xiao Pang’s hand and walked all the way to the door unimpeded. The door was open,outdoor whirlpool tub, there was no one around to stop it, the sunshine outside was just right, and sometimes people could be heard across the street. He and Xiao Pang stepped out of the door without hesitation. Only two people did not notice, after they stepped out of the door, the space behind them eerily flashed, swinging a circle of ripples. Emerson upstairs saw them go out of the door, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose, showing a cool and cruel smile. “Fool,5 person hot tub, don’t see who the Duke is, you deserve to negotiate with me.” “Come on, let’s play a good game next.” The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Do not review 78 bottles; Yufengqing 5 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! ,,,,.. .. ,,,, Worship God and Buddha Zhao Yanze and Xiao Pang went to the street entrance and stopped a bright taxi, “Master, go to the police station.” The master said, “Hey,” and stepped on the accelerator and drove toward the police station. Sitting in the back seat, Xiao Pang looked back at the back window with a lingering fear, until the tea shop that had brought him great panic disappeared completely in sight, he breathed a sigh of relief and leaned softly on the back of the seat. Aze, are we going to the police station to report the bad guy? Zhao Yanze shook his head and waved to him. Xiao Pang put his ears together. “No, we’re going to ask the police uncle for help.” A little fat Zhao Yanze this time did not speak, do not know why, China spa factory ,endless swim pool, his heart always has a kind of Maomao feeling, as if something has been staring at him. He had an intuition that if he gave the reason now, he and Xiao Pang would not be able to get to the police station alive. So he held Xiao Pang’s hand and tried to suppress the fear that was spreading in his heart. “Don’t be afraid. We’ll be all right.” Xiao Pang felt that the palm that grabbed him was sticky, wet and cold, and even trembled slightly. He was stunned and held it back subconsciously. “Well, we’ll be all right.” Although he has no bottom in his heart, Aze is also very afraid, so he must not show too much fear to cause him too much pressure. Only Xiao Pang covered his protesting stomach and asked shyly, “Can we buy something to eat at the gate of the police station first?” Zhao Yanze listened to Xiao Pang’s snoring stomach and couldn’t help laughing. His tense nerves loosened a little. “Then I’ll order some takeout for you with my mobile phone, and we can eat it when we get there.”. ” Xiao Pang nodded hurriedly, and his small eyes almost disappeared as soon as they narrowed. Zhao Yanze took out his mobile phone and accidentally clicked on the WeChat interface with his fingertips. Looking at the two messages that had not been sent out, he was stunned at first. Then he thought that he had already left the tea shop and there was no need to resend the two messages, so he quit the WeChat interface and opened the takeout platform, ordering food for four people in a row. But when he submitted the order, it always showed that it was unsuccessful. He backed out, looked at the signal, and found that the full signal was cleared at an unknown time. Zhao Yanze’s heart missed a beat. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, clicked on the address book and dialed his father’s phone, “toot toot.” There was a busy tone on the other end of the phone. He hung up and pressed three more numbers. Beep-beep-beep- There was also a busy signal on the emergency phone. Zhao Yanze’s heart gradually sank to the bottom of the valley. At this time, he heard Xiao Pang exclaim, “Aze, is this car going to fly? How can I feel dizzy?” As soon as Zhao Lize looked out of the window, the roadside scenery was moving backwards rapidly, and even because of the speed, there was an unreal sense of distortion and ambiguity. He clenched the handle of the roof and followed his intuition and shouted, “Master, stop, we want to get off!” However, the driver did not seem to hear, still stepping on the accelerator to accelerate, the car quickly drove through one street after another, and came to a bridge. Zhao Lize looked at the sparkling river not far away, his pupils shrank, opened the car door, “jump.” He took Xiao Pang’s hand and jumped down directly, landing heavily on the ground, making a loud sound, scratching the skin of his arms, elbows, knees, legs and other places, and the blood oozed out in strands, which soon soaked his clothes. But this is still the most serious, Zhao Yanze moved his feet, a sharp pain came from his ankle,jacuzzi swim spa, he looked down and saw a big bump on his ankle. Xiaopang suffered less injuries because of his softness. Basically, they were all skin injuries. “Aze, how can those people look wrong?” 。


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