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Virtual Celebrity Personal Assistants just event planners or administrative assistants? The answer is ‘NO’.

These professionals provide all-encompassing solutions for maintaining personal brands and enhancing celebrity outreaches.

Leading a celebrity life is an envious one from an outsider’s perspective.

With all the glam-sham, money, and affordable luxury; a VIP might be living a life that many of ordinary folks dream of, but maintaining the same status for lifelong calls for ardent careful efforts, smart strategies, and the use of modern technology.

virtual celebrity Personal Assistant who would provide services virtually will be in great demand during the post Coronavirus times.

Well, just because social distancing and travel restrictions have become the new norm; celebrities can’t stop reaching out to their fans or stop getting more popular. Once pulled out from the limelight, they are no more a public figure, are they?

This Ossisto article is a generous read on the benefits of hiring a Celebrity Personal Assistant.


If you think all actors, speakers, politicians, sportspeople, and other top celebrities are managing their own social media profiles; then, you got it all wrong. Many of them entrust their portfolios with their personal assistants.

More than just adding pictures and content, the celebrity posts are often creatively developed shout-outs, promotions, and announcements.

In an era, where every communication, interaction, and idea is shared on a digital platform, the famous need personal assistants to manage their online personal projections.

A Celebrity Personal Assistant can aid in:

  • Audience outreach
  • Audience engagement programs
  • Updating various social media platforms
  • Taking various promotions in the right direction
  • Share live updates and much more…..

The humongous amount of money one pays to get the services of a celebrity social media manager can be used to hire a Virtual Assistant and get done more.

These virtual professions charge on an hourly basis or project basis and do not ask for any additional resources.

For a celebrity, a public figure or an influencer; time constrain is the villain. Their glamorous livelihood won’t even give them a chance to handle their own money. So, entrusting social media handling to a novice will damage the intentions.

Wrong moves will affect a celebrity’s reputation adversely. That is why social media marketing glitches are a nightmare for many.

No wonder many of well-known celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence or George Clooney stay social media free.

However, from a positive angle; a celebrity can stay in close proximity with his or her fans through these social media platforms. A simple tweet of theirs can garner thousands of responses within seconds.

Why lose the chance of financial and reputational benefits, isn’t it?

With vlogging, blogging, and influencer opportunities; any common man can become an overnight internet star. But then the competition tightens up and one needs the help of a strategist.

Sometimes non-celebrity influencers are more likely to rock the internet world than celebrity influencers. So, all the online posts are carefully fabricated image management or marketing stunts.

Celebrity screw-ups on social media are nevertheless a lonely incident. It keeps happening every now and then.

To cite an example, let us see what super rich Kim Kardashian tweeted on Jun14, 2015.

Her Tweet — ‘Why did Georgio Armani discontinue my favorite foundation??? I’m on my last bottle and everyone I know uses it!!! Please make it again.’

For this the brand Armani replied — ‘@KimKardashian Dear Kim- let us know which one you need and we will send it to you. And Mr. Armani’s first name is Giorgio.’

She got called out for her wrong spelling on a public post.

Celebrities can easily avoid such unnecessary public image damages by choosing to hire a personal assistant or a Virtual Assistant to manage social media platforms. With Virtual Assistants, one can go cost-efficient.


Events, appointments, meetings, discussions, interviews, program schedules, travel…..the ‘To-Do’ list of a celebrity often runs out of the usual margins that a common man has.

Sometimes, even the time spend by a celebrity sipping a Martini in a posh club has business angles to it.

A Personal Assistant should therefore be a great time manager and an intelligible communicator. These professionals plan days perfectly for the public figures, assisting them in balancing their personal-professional life.

A Virtual celebrity Personal Assistant can deal with many of the scheduling, communicating and planning tasks cost effectively. They can:

  • Create planners for events, daily tasks, travel, etc.
  • Handle the voice, tone and personality of the emails, letters, press releases, etc. on the behalf of a celebrity.
  • Act as the communication gatekeeper between the celebrity and the event/program organizers or others who wants to contact the public figure.
  • Complete personal tasks and petty chores such as reading an email, fixing an appointment with a doctor or make reservation at a restaurant

Unlike a personal assistant in the real life, a Virtual Personal Assistant cannot do any piece of work that requires his or her physical presence. However, they are highly capable of doing tasks virtually and can do planning/ coordination/managing calendars efficiently.

Missed dealings, going late to an event, miscommunication can all create black marks in the life of a celebrity.

Like how without customers, a business cannot sustain; without a great reputation; a celebrity cannot survive for too long.

Maintaining timeliness in their daily life is a crucial factor.

Some countries value punctuality more than any other virtues.

Rohit Khilani, a film journalist wrote in one of his blogs, “When I interviewed Mark Hamill in Japan for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the first question he asked me was, “Hope you didn’t have to wait long to see me? And I didn’t have to wait at all.”

In the same blog, he has mentioned the delay in Bollywood (Indian Hindi Language Film Industry) events.

Time of the celebrities and public figures are valuable, but time is also equally important for those who have lined up to meet or to interview them.

This is why they need a Personal Assistant, to create effective timelines.


The walk, talk, looks or even a simple statement made by a celebrity can be misinterpreted and can cause great trouble.

Each sentence the VIPs use in the public is a careful effort of bringing positive and right words together.

Written content or spoken; the celebrity style is balanced and creative.

It is always better for a celebrity to consult a content specialist before creating important statements, emails, public speeches or even before churning out crux for an interview.

The best part is that a Virtual Assistant can take over content tasks at friendly prices. They can:

  • Create content for speeches, interviews, and endorsements
  • Reply to the emails in the inbox
  • Churn out effective social media content
  • Take over personal marketing content strategy to build a strong fan base
  • Write professional letters and emails to various official bodies
  • Set the tone of celebrity voices in both written and vocal communication and a lot more

In fact, the celebrity world is susceptible to unnecessary gossip, pointless paparazzi discussions, page 3 libel, and even nosy fans eagling around for a fresh and juicy piece of tittle-tattle.

If you look in the internet, mindless talks and slip of the tongue has forced many celebrities to apologize publically.

Sometime, even a fun post can turn the fans into foes.

For instance; in 2020, when Vanderpump Rules (an American reality show) star, Scheana Shay tweeted her friend and invited her over to Scheana’s home, she defied the quarantine rules and made her fans very angry.

She tweeted, ‘Call me ‘ignorant’ but I’m not gonna stop living!’ — Well, absent minded statement can cause dire straits.

Every celebrity yearns for a reliable crew mate to manage his or her social status. But who can be trusted these days? A virtual celebrity personal assistants cannot check Upwork or similar freelancer site and pick a random person to work for him or her. The best way to go about it is by approaching an agency with great experience in giving celebrity assistance.

At Ossisto, one can now get the services of Virtual Celebrity Personal Assistants and these highly talented professionals know for a fact that there is no end to a red carpet.

At the end of it, there is another one, on which the celebrity should continue the journey. Literally, the tasks to be completed by a celebrity are never ending.

In this case, a virtual celebrity personal assistant is like the genie from a bottle, a support, a friend for smooth sailing in the public-eye.



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