The Best Houston Hair Braiding Services

Houston Hair braiding is what we provide at Elite Braids . Our hair braiding stylists are the best in Houston, providing affordable protective hairstyles and braids such as box braids, knotless braids, cornrows, and other techniques. 

Our Houston hair braiding services are priced very affordably. Hair braiding is a popular protective hairstyle that looks fashionable and is a great protective style. Visit our hair salon in Houston and be amazed by what we can do for you. Our hair stylists have over ten years of experience in transforming your personality with great protective styles. 

Versatile Houston Hair Braiding Services 

Hair braids are amazing protective styles, thanks to the plethora of options you get to choose from. Moreover, hair braiding doesn’t require lengthy sessions; you can get box braids and other braiding styles within 4-5 hours, depending on the thickness and length you want to achieve. Braids also serve as a great choice for special occasions and events such as festivals or social gatherings. Many kinds of braiding techniques can be done with your natural hair, while others may require extensions. 

Our braiding techniques include the following:

●  Box Braids

●  Knotless Braids

●  Bohemian Braids

●  Micro Braids

●  Jumbo Box Braids

Braids are becoming more and more popular today, with various men’s braiding styles also in trend. Kids can also wear this look with a single plait or side braids.  

At Elite Braids , we only use quality synthetic hair for braiding. Our braiding techniques can completely revamp your look and personality, from enhancing your personality to a comfortable and lightweight feel. 

There are plenty of hairstyles at Elite Braids to choose from, along with multiple variations of Houston hair braids. If you’re looking for the best braids in Houston, contact us and schedule an appointment at one of our salons for outstanding results.


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