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40% off for FEZiBO standing desk

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Do Your Best Work at Standing Desk

Before we understand the benefits, let’s look at what a standing desk is. For example, a standing desk (also known as an adjustable standing desk, standing desk, or sitting desk) allows you to stand comfortably in front of the computer during normal work.Many modern iterations of the standing desk are adjustable (manual or electronic), allowing users to switch freely between the two uses of the desk according to the situation at hand.Some advanced standing desks also have a preset desk height memory, so you can set the standing desk to high in advance and switch between these heights with the click of a button.So, by briefly explaining what a stand up desk is, let’s look at nine incredible benefits they can offer. How can standing desk boost your work? 1. Standing can improve your work efficiency “Improve your productivity” is a word that any boss likes to hear, and this benefit can help persuade your company to invest in a electric standing desk.A study published in the British Medical Journal was carried out after a trial involving 146 NHS staff. More than half of them replaced traditional desks with flexible standing desks.Studies have shown that people who switch to standing […] read more
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Where can we buy a high quality standing desk

With the passage of time, we have all been there, lying in front of the computer, typing, back pain, shoulder bow. If you’ve ever been in this bad position, you might wonder about the benefits of standing up.Standing desks and treadmill desks have become increasingly popular in the past few years. A recent survey of human resources professionals reported that the use of standing desks as office benefits provided by employers increased by 7% last year. Providing a standing desk is one of the healthy choices that employers can easily support and really improve office morale.Helping you work comfortably and safely is one of our top priorities. We care about your back health. By understanding the ergonomics of standing desks, we can avoid back pain and damage caused by too much computer work. Here are the benefits of standing. 3 Benefits of Standing Work Whether you work in your home office or in a busy shared space, a standing desk is a great choice to improve your health during the workday. Here are 3 benefits of standing.1. Burn caloriesStanding burns more calories than sitting, even if you just stand still. Now, there is little difference in calories between standing and […] read more
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