Have you experimented with video marketing for the promotion of YouTube video but received no apparent results? You are not by yourself. Making videos can take a lot of work, and it can be challenging to consistently attract viewers and engagement. This can be really demoralising. Here are novel suggestions for you if you’ve exhausted all of your options and are on the verge of giving up: 1. Enhance the video content The most tedious but essential step for promotion of YouTube video is this one. In this regard, video marketing is no different from other types of content marketing. The video’s continued popularity depends on ensuring its appearance in organic search results. Make sure there is enough text content on the page because Google still significantly favours text content surrounding videos. The SEO task entails the following when it comes to optimising the YouTube page that is home to your video: generating a searchable term that you hope will help the video rank. To assist you, I created a thorough keyword research guide. Include your term in the title and description of the video. Creating a thorough video description Creating at least tags and hashtags as the extra content […] read more