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Factors Affecting Poly-B Pipe Replacement Costs

Several factors can affect the cost of replacing Poly B tubing. These include the following. Type of Tubing Material Selected: One of the primary factors affecting the cost of replacing Poly B tubing is the type of tubing material selected. House size: If you have a large house with multiple bathrooms and lots of plumbing, you can expect the cost of replacing poly B plumbing to be more than in a smaller house. Number of exchanges: In the case of several exchanges, the cost is lower than multiple exchanges. Number of pipes to be replaced: Poly B Pipe replacement costs are also influenced by the plumbing company you choose. Choose a reputable contractor with experience in replacing Poly-B piping to avoid problems that can increase the cost of your project.  For further details please call (403) 988-3801 or visit read more
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10 Facts About The Poly-B Pipe Lawsuit

Below listed are the 10 facts about the Poly-B pipe lawsuit 1. The polybutylene pipe lawsuit was the biggest class action lawsuit ever.2. A total of 2.7 million homes were affected by the faulty piping.3. The average payout for the polybutylene pipe lawsuit was $1,200.4 .The defective piping can cause flooding and irreparable damage to your home.5. The polybutylene pipe is not suitable for outdoor use.6. If you suspect that your home has polybutylene pipes, you should get a professional inspection.7. If you own a home with polybutylene pipes, you are eligible for cash settlement or replacement of your pipes.8. If you have a home with polybutylene pipes, make sure to have them inspected every year.9. You can also hire a plumber to have your pipes checked.10. You should also have your poly b replacement if it is more than 20 years old.           For further details visit read more
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