According to a psychology study, heterosexual males and gay men prefer macho gay men to feminine gay men when applying for high-status positions, indicating that workplace discrimination against feminine gay men may exist. picture of nine black t-shirted males utilising either their hands or faces in feminine or masculine ways. The psychological experiment used trained actors. Ben Gerrard photos According to a recent University of Sydney study, both gay men and heterosexual men favour masculine-presenting men for high-status positions, Literature Essay Help Australia which disadvantages more gay men who present as women and exposes them to internal bias, prejudice, and potential discrimination in the workplace, including hiring procedures and promotion opportunities. Considered to be the first experimental study to show status costs for gay men who present with more feminine than masculine features across workplace hierarchies, the study was published in the esteemed peer-reviewed journal Sex Roles. Additionally, it reveals the community of gay men’s implicit prejudice. This implicit bias may be preventing gay men from advancing one another into leadership roles, he claimed. Males are still expected to follow more conventionally masculine leadership methods, and they suffer status penalties if they don’t sufficiently display these attributes. This is an […] read more