If you’re looking to get a taste of the exciting Amsterdam lifestyle without breaking the bank, then Bunk Amsterdam should be the place for you. Bunk Amsterdam features  ultra-modern rooms and suites that offer plenty of privacy, Bunk Amsterdam puts guests in the center of everything this lovely city has to offer, including museums, bars and restaurants, as well as shopping centers and even local nightclubs! The amenities are first-rate too – so you can expect impeccable service from friendly staff who will go out of their way to ensure your comfort at all times. The concept A hotel room is a place where you rest your head, store your luggage and enjoy some time away from the world. So Bunk brings you a great Dutch concept in every room so guests can recharge their mood after traveling. Bunk has everything for their guests.Because the Bunk has designed each room to be as comfortable as possible but with a feeling of modernity about them too. And because bunk beds are so popular for travelers nowadays and bed is a great focal point of the room! They’re not just somewhere to sleep though – it’s a comfort partner for travelers , […] read more