The evolution in information technology has altered how many businesses and governments run. In recent years, a large number of companies and countries have quickly moved the control of crucial manufacturing, banking, and communications activities to networked computers. Almost every industry is becoming more technologically oriented, and every corporate function has been moved online. However, as online technology has advanced, the prevalence of fraud and concerns about cyber security have also sharply increased. Cybercrime can be defined as a group of activities that are not only criminal & unethical but also lead to severe damage to organizational standing. The overloading of the network, impersonating someone on a particular server/system, stealing sensitive documents & files/money/confidential data, website hacking, and creating a spreading malware are a few examples of computer crimes. All these lead to varied levels of devastating results that utterly leaves the organization or individual vulnerable to further damage. The constantly evolving nature of information technology has made it quite difficult for businesses & organizations to stay ahead of cybercrime. The rate of cyber-crimes evolving is much higher than the implementation of mitigation strategies to deal with those crimes. Today, every organization, large or little, including the government, spends a […] read more