Hacks for Christmas light installation in Houston       It’s the time of year for holiday decorating – but do you know how to get your lights up on the rooftop with care? Let our Christmas light installation in Houston give you all the tips and tricks to get ready for the 2022 season that’s upon us.     #1 Test Lights Beforehand   The very first thing to do before you start your Christmas light installation in Houston is to check and make sure that each light works. The last thing any homeowner wants to have happened to notice after installing your Christmas lights is that they don’t work, so save the hassle and frustration of prepping beforehand. This means plugging in each strand to ensure power; while doing that, you also want to decide where the power will be coming from outside. One of the benefits of working with a professional Christmas lights installation company in Houston is that if one bulb flickers, breaks, or just so happens to burn out, we will come out to fix the issue free of charge so your home will look merry and bright all winter long. This is just one […] read more