August 12, 2021 [email protected] 1 Comment bee suit DIY Beekeeper suit Beekeeping could be a hobby or be on a professional scale, both are good for nature except getting stung, A Beekeeper suit is one of the first accessories to protect yourself against any kind of stings and provide a fearless experience to a beekeeper which could lead to the more productive effort while working around your hives or dealing with your bees. When you deal with bees some thoughts your mind got and one of them is how to make your own bee suit? The bee suit is also known as the Beekeeper costume and is also available at online beekeeping stores like Buzzing Bee and many others but here we will talk about how to make a beekeeping suit by your own because some people like to make the thing by self. A beekeeper outfit is usually a full-body protective gear and not very difficult to made at home, we are dividing it into different steps.  How to make a beekeeper suit by your own step by step ? Step 1: Let’s starts with the upper body and make a Beekeeper jacket or shirt, first of all, we need a thick material […] read more