This Apttus Interview Questions blog will assist you in acing your interview and securing the Apttus Developer position in your dream company. Apttus inherits the majority of the incredible capabilities that Salesforce offers its customers, such as the flexibility to operate enterprises in numerous languages, wireless sync, and, of course, analytics. It exists solely to provide trustworthy and accurate quotations in real-time, which not only assists businesses in obtaining this information but also benefits sales teams in cross-selling. 1)What Is Cpq? Ans: CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. CPQ is a tool which helps companies produce accurate, configured quotes and make them using automation C is for configure. Customers can select products that are required. P is for price. make a price for products which are selected. Generating estimation price to Customer for products. 2)What Is Qtc? Ans: QTC stands for Quote to Cash and it is an end to end business process which starts from generation of quotes to receiving payments for customers. 3)What Is Apttus Cpq? Ans: APTTUS CPQ is one of leading CPQ services provided to clients by a company named as APTTUS. 4)What Is Product? Ans: It is Product or services that can be sell […] read more