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A Successful E-Commerce Website Must Haves for website | ossisto

More consumers are shopping online than ever before. Brands are more concerned with consumers’ digital traffic. So, how do you compete to capture the digital consumer’s attention is the biggest question for an e-commerce website. Good websites focus on ensuring consumers have an enjoyable online shopping experience. According to a survey, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance as an important factor while making a purchase. So, let us have a look at some of the essential aspects of a good E-Commerce Website. Table of Contents A Successful E-Commerce Website Must-Have for website Responsive Web-Design Navigation Layout Product Detail and Imagery About Us Page Partnering with Brands Storefront Tools Enable Free Shipping Make Site SEO-Friendly Incorporate Product Reviews Useful Blog Popular Payment Options Online Support Solid Marketing Finally. A Successful E-Commerce Website Must-Have for website Responsive Web-Design Web design captivates visitor’s attention and engages customers. A good responsive E-Commerce Website must be optimized to the device consumer is browsing on. In fact, many people are using their mobile devices more than the desktop to make a purchase. With numerous consumers shopping across various devices, an E-Commerce Website must have a responsive web-design for easy access. Navigation Layout Websites represent a brand and […] read more
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Hire a Virtual Employee: A Cost effective and Contactless Boon | ossisto

The modern professional and industrial ecosystem have soared so high that its internal mechanisms have only become more complex by the day. This, with the amalgamation of technology, has birthed solutions that will help employees retain their interest for their job and encourage a simpler and more organized schedule. Hire a Virtual Employee is one such option. One might wonder, what or rather who is a Virtual Assistant? The answer is- A virtual assistant is simply an employee who works on outsourced tasks delegated to them from a remote location. Why Hire a Virtual Employee Anyway? Virtual employee First, unlike physical employees, these assistants neither require training nor a cubicle to work at. Meaning, that they are cost-effective to a large extent, giving you a lot more than what you bargained for. Hence, as an impeccable alternative, there is more to gain than to lose. Moreover, the list of services that they cater to, can go on for miles! The sheer precision and flawless work ethic are unparalleled to any employee you will ever appoint. This brings us to the next big question. Table of Contents What are the services that virtual assistants can tend to? Administrative Services Business Support and Consultation Service Accountancy […] read more
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10 Types Of Virtual Assistants | ossisto

With businesses booming and online work becoming common, virtual assistants are becoming more popular day by day. They provide a wide range of services for various industries. With time management being the key priority, it is essential to divide work and prioritize tasks. This can easily be done by different types of virtual assistants. They undertake tasks from customer service, social media management, and planning and booking trips to accounting, digital marketing, preparing reports, and much more! Here are a few types of virtual assistants and the tasks they take up that may help you satisfy your business needs Customer service These are some of the most commonly hired virtual assistants. They handle customer care issues and concerns. They may do so over calls, emails, or messages. They also respond to inquiries, handle refunds and set up new accounts. Administrative  They are responsible for business and personal administrative work such as scheduling appointments, planning and organizing the day, managing emails, preparing reports, and filing paperwork. They also provide services such as social media management and customer service to support executives to manage time Bookkeeping They are responsible for keeping records of the company. They generally help keep track of finances to save money […] read more
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8 Best Practices in Email Marketing | ossisto

Table of Contents Here are some tips on the best email marketing strategy to drive results to your business instantly. Less clutter is always better. Always include an email signature. Let the no-reply text not come in your way. Always add a call to action. Personalize your email. Always add your logo. Let there be quality over quantity. Conclusion Here are some tips on the best email marketing strategy to drive results to your business instantly.  Less clutter is always better.  Always include an email signature.  Always include an email signature.  Let the no-reply text not come in your way.  Always add a call to action.  Personalize your email  Always add your logo.  Let there be quality over quantity. Email marketing is not a new strategy to increase your traffic online, but it is an old-fashioned way to keep a closer watch on your customers. Though some may find this strategy traditional, it can help you generate leads and convert your customers into important businesses if you work the right way. Some agencies provide you with email marketing services, but if you want to have a hands-on experience in boosting your email marketing strategy plan and, at the same time, if […] read more
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Outsource Your Email Inbox Management to a Virtual Assistant

Introduction: Email Inbox Management Rollback a decade, E-mail inbox management was a relatively easy task. They were rarely used to communicate crucial business decisions to employees or clients. Today’s businesses operate in multiple locations, cities, states, countries, and continents. Email is the best way to communicate and document things between various business people, and divisions within the organization and outside. Handling your e-mail inbox effectively has become a paramount part of any business structure. Without e-mail communication, it is impossible to imagine running a smooth operating organization. Why email management is crucial Let us explore the different ways of outsourcing the task of handling an e-mail inbox efficiently. At present, business visionaries are seen battling with one aspect on a daily basis – handling their e-mails. In a study released by a leading consulting firm Mckinsey& Co., it was revealed that C-level executives from the top companies around the world, well known to be ‘online junkies’, spend an average of 38% of their work time glued to their e-mail inboxes. Business owners of SMEs are approximately the same, spending nearly an average of 6-hours a day in keeping their inbox clean. Reading through each e-mail inbox management, classifying the important ones and […] read more
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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged to Your Article

Changing a reader from feeling indifferent to getting emotionally connected is intimidatingly difficult, yet is the single goal of content marketing. What engages reader’s changes all the time? Content engages readers at various points in their buying journey. Engaging content, however, gets read and shared. It ranks better in search results and moves the audience down the path to purchase. It establishes credibility and builds trust. Engaging content changes the mindset of readers. They then tend to buy your product or service. Every writer aims for the content to get most shares, rank high in Google searches, and being talked about the most. Yet, there are few better factors and essential qualities the reader watch for. Table of Contents Specific elements that make Content measurably engaging to readers are: Attention-Grabbing Headline Present a Story Original Content Use Visual Aids Engaging Content Bottom Line. Specific elements that make Content measurably engaging to readers are:   Attention-Grabbing Headline The headline is the first thing the audience reads. Great headline grabs the major amount of attention. It captures the reader’s interest and encourages them to read the rest of the content. It guides readers smoothly and lets them share the content. It speaks to […] read more
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Hire A Virtual CFO To Complete Accounting, Financial and Advisory Tasks | ossisto

You will be surprised to know that virtual CFOs are a bliss to the large organizations handling high volumes of bookkeeping, financial reporting and statutory compliance. Also, they are perfect for small organizations that cannot afford to hire a CFO. Traditionally, a CFO is an in-house employee with great power and responsibilities. They are paid huge amount for money and take care of financial and accounting tasks that are crucial to an organization’s operations. This blog is a revelation on how virtual CFO can do it all like their in-house counterpart.   Why there is a sudden demand for Virtual CFOs: Changing technology and increased competition Tax preparation and compliance is getting complicated day-by-day High operational costs in many fields Unavailability of senior level CFOs and financial experts to work for smaller firms Workforce models in many industries are changing to complete remote Virtual CFO roles and responsibilities LEADERSHIP CFO of any company adorns a leadership role that the subordinates and colleagues respect. Can a virtual CFO showcase same kind of leadership? The truth is that they can be the much needed coach and guide through online platforms. Virtual or in-house what matters is the knowledge of the person.  Identification […] read more
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7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Mobile-Friendly for User | osssito

Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead. And for a good number of reasons. If anything, experts still claim Email marketing to be a cornerstone in propelling digital marketing campaigns in the coming years. This vital communication channel is so popular that according to Statista, the number of global email marketing users is set to grow from 3.7 billion in 2017 to 4.3 billion in 2020. That’s about half of the world’s total population. With this, it’s a no brainer that marketers will tap into emails to accelerate their lead generational process for effective results. But before we move on further, here’s a quick intro to email marketing. Table of Contents What is email marketing? Why is this email marketing important and how do you do this? Catchy Subject line Using a pre-header text Write scannable content   Use thoughtful design Your CTA should be crystal Include clickable links Be cautious of the unsubscribe button Conclusion What is email marketing? In a nutshell, the term refers to using emails as a means to a (marketing) end i.e using them to sell products or services and pitch them directly to the customer. If not this, emails can also be used to pursue […] read more
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All you want to know about Virtual Recruitment Services | ossisto

Gone are the days of job fairs, on-campus interviews and face-to-face in-house recruitment days. Thanks to the advancement in technology, recruitment can now be done virtually. Before the economic crisis caused by pandemic COVID-19, many organizations have already realized the potential of virtual recruitment in terms of cost efficiency and convenience. But today, with many offices opting to work virtually and from remote locations, the idea of virtually recruiting the workforce is increasing in many business environments throughout the world. So, this blog has all you need to know about Virtual Recruitment Services. Read on…… Table of Contents THE FUTURE OF WORKFORCE VIRTUAL RECRUITMENT SERVICES IN A GIST ADVANTAGES OF VIRTUAL RECRUITMENT SAVE MONEY ADAPT TO CHANGE REDEEM TIME HOW TO WORK WITH A VIRTUAL RECRUITER? THE FUTURE OF WORKFORCE Mankind has come a long way from the time when the job gaps created by Word War 2 existed, resulting in the birth of Virtual Recruitment Services agencies. We have also moved further far away from the decade of serious resume creations, applicant tracking systems and community bulletin boards posting open positions. Today, it’s the era of virtual recruitment services. VIRTUAL RECRUITMENT SERVICES IN A GIST Defining virtual recruiting is […] read more
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How to build a real estate website, and how much will it cost?| ossisto

Let’s be honest real estate is one of the most competitive industries majorly because of its ever-increasing demand. Many big players have already established their name and have also taken over a major chunk of the market too. This makes it a lot more challenging for budding real estate companies to penetrate the market and sustain in the long run. However, there is one way that can help you build a brand that is memorable and appealing to the target market. And that is by creating a highly attractive and engaging real estate website. All businesses have gone digital, and real estate is slowly making that shift too. There is no better way to introduce your brand to the masses than to build a unique website. This will not only bring you traffic but also potential buyers. But again, how do you build an attractive website? And most importantly, how much will it cost you? If these are the questions popping into your mind, then this guide is just for you! Continue reading to have all your concerns addressed.  Table of Contents First of all, what do we mean by a real estate website? Here are some tips for creating the […] read more
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