Sydney Sewer Inspection – How It Works


A lot of things can go on in sewer lines that you’re not aware of, including some stuff that could leave you with clogged, backed-up drains, or a soggy yard. This is why the first step often taken by any plumber from the Hydrolink Plumbing team when contacted about a known or suspected sewer issue is to perform an inspection. One of our Sydney plumbing technicians will begin the pipe camera inspection sydney by placing a specialized, high-resolution camera into an opening called a cleanout, which is a service access point that’s typically located outside your home. Our technician then manipulates or maneuvers the camera that’s attached to a long flexible metal cable as it is eased down into the sewer line being inspected.

As the sydney sewer video inspection continues, images from the camera are displayed in real-time on a monitor. The technician watches the monitor and controls the movement of the cable and camera based on what’s being seen. The images viewed are also recorded. This is done for reference and so that you can also see what was observed for yourself. Find out for sure what’s going on with your sewer lines by reaching out to Hydrolink Plumbing to schedule a Sydney plumbing inspection. We’ll perform a thorough, camera-based inspection that will give you clear answers. We’ll discuss what was found and make recommendations for any steps to consider next. Contact our experienced team today to benefit from our sydney sewer camera inspection services.


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