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Then the police found out the identity of Maori Teng. Maori Teng is not only the son of Sakura Group leader Maori Saburo, but also the president of a Japanese enterprise. Due to Maori Teng’s special status, this murder case immediately attracted the attention of the police. After confirming the identity of Mao Liteng, the police immediately found Jiang Xian through the camera in the corridor of Xinghai Club, and determined that Jiang Xian had a big suspicion of murder. Jiang Xian was listed as the number one criminal suspect, and was arrested and investigated throughout the city. Soon, the whereabouts of the suspect Jiang Xian was investigated, the city center hospital. Qinghai Wind and Cloud Chapter 155 Miracle (3/5) Third Watch,! Chapter 155 Miracle (3/5) Three, ask for a monthly ticket! Sad ah, the monthly ticket is very few, we support ah! A seaside resort Chen Jianguo is in a good mood these days. Since receiving Jiang Xian’s treatment, Chen Jianguo has obviously felt some changes in his body. The feeling of illness in the past has completely disappeared. Although his body is still old, he still feels that his body has regained its vitality. “Young man, I don’t know what to do this afternoon.” Chen Jianguo practiced Taijiquan for a while at the gate of his villa, and there were some cranky thoughts in his mind. ” Long, the effect is really more and more obvious, has been a full half an hour, “one side of Li Zhenguo looked at Chen Jianguo with a smile.”. Chen Jianguo laughed and said, “That’s right. This Xiaojiang really has his peculiar place. He has good medical skills and good cooking skills. Tut.” Chen Jianguo beautiful aftertaste, this afternoon ate a little thing, also do not know is not this period of time by Jiang Xian to raise the taste of Diao, eat other things actually have a kind of tasteless feeling. At this moment,endless pool factory, his heart is looking forward to the evening, Jiang Xian to give him a big meal. The two old men were sitting in the woods, chatting and playing another game of chess, when a motorcade suddenly stopped in front of the villa with a creak, followed by a man with a dignified face who stepped down from the car. The man was accompanied by eight bodyguards. They were tall and straight, like javelins. Their muscles were full all over their bodies, and their temples were high and bulging. They knew at a glance that besides being experienced in battle, they were soldiers who were proficient in internal boxing and were one in a million. The man was about forty years old, with a square face and a serious expression,hot tub manufacturers, giving people a sense of extraordinary spirit and power in the palm of his hand. Between the dragon and the tiger, there was a faint and strong momentum field. This face is very familiar. If you often watch the CCTV, you will see that this face, in fact, is not unfamiliar. Dad came to Chen Jianguo and said softly, “Dad, if you come, you will come. How can you not bring a private doctor? You don’t know your illness. Dad, this time I found an old doctor for you and took you to have a look..” As he spoke, the expression of concern was overflowing. This man is Chen Jianguo’s son, Chen Zhifeng. Haha, Zhifeng, “said Li Zhenguo with a smile,” You don’t have to worry about this. Don’t you see that the elder looks much better now? ” 。 Said so, Chen Zhifeng is slightly surprised, this just noticed that Chen Jianguo’s complexion really looks a lot better, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor spa manufacturers, can not help but slightly surprised to look at Li Zhenguo: “Uncle Li, this is..” “Thanks to Xiaojiang,” Li Zhenguo pointed to Jiang Xian with a smile, and then told Chen Zhifeng about his experience during this period. Chen Zhifeng was slightly surprised, in fact, Chen Jianguo’s condition, he is very clear, whether at home and abroad all the famous doctors have seen again, no one will think that Chen Jianguo can be saved or can continue to extend his life, but want to cure this is simply impossible. You know, although Chen Jianguo is old, the whole Chen family still has a pivotal position. If he dies, the Chen family will lose a pillar. At that time, the turbulence of the Chen family will be unavoidable, and it may even cause a big earthquake in the political arena of China. Unexpectedly, an unknown young man had such a means to cure his father’s illness. Chen Zhifeng’s first idea was not to believe it. The second idea was whether Jiang Xian was a liar. The third idea was to take his father to the hospital for a good examination. Thinking of this, Chen Zhifeng immediately opened his mouth and said, “Dad, look, how about going to the hospital to have a check?” “This..” Chen Jianguo can not help but slightly hesitate, although feel the change of the body, but Chen Jianguo is very exclusive to the hospital, because he, he is afraid, afraid that all this is false, in case, his condition is not really good? In the final analysis, in fact, even Chen Jianguo himself, his heart is also with a trace of distrust. You should know that Chen Jianguo has seen countless so-called famous doctors, doctors, Western medicine, no matter who, no matter which industry is second to none, these people can not see the disease, was cured by an unknown young man? The probability of this kind of thing is absolutely not more than one in a billion. However, even though there is such an idea in my heart, Jiang Xian really makes me feel much better. Chen Jianguo inevitably has a feeling of paralysis, or Jiang Xian can really cure his illness. Avoid medical treatment In the final analysis, Chen Jianguo was still afraid that he would be hit once after the examination. However, Chen Jianguo thinks so, does not mean that Chen Zhifeng thinks so, now Chen Jianguo has stopped medication, that is to say, the cancer cells in his body will spread faster, in any case, take his father to check. Laochang, in my opinion, it’s better for you to check it. “Li Zhenguo on one side also opened his mouth slowly and said,” Always let yourself rest assured. ” Chen Jianguo slightly hesitated a few times, the heart made a decision, or to check. Soon,endless swimming pool, Chen Zhifeng arranged a hospital for Chen Jianguo. Naturally, Chen Jianguo did not go back to the city center hospital. This is a private hospital, which only serves a limited number of patients. The medical facilities here are also advanced things.


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