In our essentially post-modern existence, there are many things that affect our lives.

A bad memory might disturb our mental health for the entire day, a bad thought might de-stable us for a long time throughout the day,

an awful incident might put us off for the remaining hours of the day, a bad food might ruin our activities of the entire day, and many more.

Similarly, a bad sex life might even drive a person to the last levels of depression. There have been many instances throughout the world where a family’s happiness swung on the sexual health of the elders.

One might notice forlorn in his school. One might even think of that child as an abnormal creature who does not know how to interact with the people of his surroundings.

However, the truth might be quite stranger than fiction. Who knows, that little kid in your boy’s school might just well be one of the victims of an unhappy family life,

because trust me mate, an unhealthy and improper sexual life can completely destroy the serene atmosphere of a household.

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