smart lighting systems

What is meant by smart lighting systems?

Smart lighting systems is a special technological system that allows the user to control all the interior lighting systems for the home or office remotely, by linking an application and connecting it between the lighting and the smartphone or any other smart device, where the process of controlling the lighting, such as changing, turning it off and operating it, becomes easy and smooth without using Traditional wall switches and buttons

What are the benefits of using smart lighting systems?

The following are the most important benefits that can be obtained when using these systems:

Saving electricity: these systems allow the user to schedule the times of turning on and off the lights and control their brightness. In addition, this system uses LED bulbs, which are smart bulbs; It generates less heat than traditional bulbs, which helps to reduce the electricity used and reduce costs.

Increasing the level of connectivity: This system allows linking a number of smart devices with each other, such as speakers, audio equipment, cameras and a number of other devices, in addition to allowing the user to monitor the lights while outside the house without having to worry about forgetting to turn them off.

Increasing comfort and aesthetic level: these systems have sensitive sensors that illuminate the lights when the user enters the room without the need to use a smartphone or any equipment at all, in addition to that they have a large number of different shapes and colors that are a complete change from traditional lights.

What are the types of smart lighting systems?

The following are the three most important types of smart lighting systems: 

Single light bulbs: These are smart bulbs that are plug-in; And then associate it with a home Wi-Fi network and use it via a smartphone application, where the user can turn it on and off and control a number of its features and characteristics from a distance.

Lights that are connected to a control panel: They are lights that can be connected as a lighting system for all the house connected to each other, depending on several factors in the house such as its size, axis, etc.

Sensor light bulbs: It is a lighting system that turns on when any movement is sensed in the surroundings, as it is used in several areas, especially it is installed around the house outside to activate the lighting feature when any movement is felt around.


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