ServiceNow Admin Training Course

ServiceNow Admin Training course introduced by Multisoft Virtual Academy is ideal for IT professionals; developers, functional consultants and freshers, who are looking to jump-start their career in the Cloud Computing. This course imparts knowledge on various aspects of ServiceNow Administration, such as how to perform the main configuration tasks; work with the User Interface, actions and data policies, client scripts, and business rules; add new users, groups, and roles; database and table management, import and update sets and create the workflow activities, Control the system access and data security, etc. If you want to know what ServiceNow Architecture is about, this article is for you. 

 What Is ServiceNow? – ServiceNow Admin Training course

ServiceNow was founded in 2004 and stepped foot in the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) field and provided competition to established players like IBM and HP. It is not just limited to ITSM, even though it still forms a major part of its revenue. Now, it is has diversified into 5 major services which include IT, Security, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service and Business Applications. ServiceNow is an integrated cloud solution which combines all these services in a single system of record.

Let us now move forward to understand how ServiceNow works by looking at its architecture.

ServiceNow Architecture – ServiceNow Admin Training course

The majority of cloud service offerings today, run on the age-old Multi-tenant architecture like AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Oracle, etc. The Multi-tenant architecture creates a single instance which serves multiple customers. This usually deals with complex databases which demand frequent maintenance, often leading to unavailability of resources to customers. This is why ServiceNow has adopted a Multi-instance architecture.

A unique instance is created for each employee which maintains a separate resource stack. This gives us the freedom to deal with each user’s specific needs, enabling us to deal on a customer-customer basis. E.g. customer upgrades can be deployed with respect to compliance requirements as well as the enterprise’s current needs.

Why choose Multisoft Virtual Academy for ServiceNow Admin training course?

Multisoft Virtual Academy has been in training industry for more than 2 decades and backed by a team of global subject matter experts from around the world. When you enroll for ServiceNow Admin training course from Multisoft, you get the opportunity to learn from experienced industry experts and gain experience and skills in ServiceNow Administration with hands-on experience from real-life projects and assignments. All the courses offered by Multisoft come with perks like lifetime access to e-learning material, recorded training session videos and after training support.

The courses are delivered in live instructor led, one-on-one and corporate training sessions, where after successful completion of the ServiceNow Admin training course, aspirants receive a globally recognized training certificate to validate and showcase their learning and skills to employers across the world. What’s more? Multisoft after training support assists you to connect with potential employers and lucrative job opportunities in related areas, so that you can step up in the career ladder without delay.


ServiceNow Admin Training course is ideal for those, who wish to understand ServiceNow ecosystem and learn how to perform administrative tasks, such as, configuring and managing ServiceNow platform; managing project and processes, etc. This course is designed for IT professionals and Functional consultants who want to switch to ServiceNow.


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