Selenium training in Electronic City Bangalore

Enroll for Selenium Training in Electronic City Bangalore from eMexo Technologies placement-oriented Selenium Training Institute in Electronic City Bangalore. This Selenium Certification and Placement course also offers C#, Python, SQL, Java Essentials, and more programming courses.


We provide a top-notch Selenium Training Course in Electronic City Bangalore with our unique Selenium course content that guarantees a fully hands-on Selenium course. Learn Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and TestNG on eMexo Technologies with a fully hands-on Selenium training course.

What is Selenium?


Did you know that Selenium has become one of the most popular automation tools on the Internet today? Selenium is an open-source tool that gives you the flexibility to interact with web applications using a variety of automation techniques. Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts. Additionally, it is implemented as a Firefox extension that allows you to record, edit and debug your tests.

What you will learn?

  • You should be able to justify 2-3 years of existing Selenium experience.

  • It teaches Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium Framework Design, TestNG, and Maven.

  • Industry-specific real-world application testing.

  • BDD with cucumber.

  • Live website test.


To learn Selenium, you should know the following prerequisites:


  • Basic knowledge of Core Java is helpful. But don’t worry. Our course also teaches Java.

  • Manual testers, non-coding conscious testers interested in learning Automation Selenium.

  • Software developers interested in learning Selenium Automation.


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