Residential Properties in Bangalore

Residential properties for sale in Bangalore

Any building or unit zoned and intended for living space is considered residential property. It is one of two types of general real estate, the other being commercial property. Residential property is typically owner-occupied, but this is not always the case. According to industry standards, any property with fewer than five units, none of which are for commercial use, is classified as residential. Commercial properties are larger and have a mix of residential and commercial uses. Residential property is land zoned specifically for living or dwelling for individuals or households; it can range from single-family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings. When more than half of a building’s floor area is used for living purposes, it is classified as a residential building. Other structures should be classified as non-residential. There are three types of property for Embassy Group: luxury residential properties, premium residential properties, and integrated township properties with world-class amenities. At the Embassy Group, we believe that the good life is a journey, not a destination. This quest has taken us down uncharted roads, into uncharted mindscapes, and to places beyond the ordinary in order to bring luxury lifestyles that transcend cliches. Embassy residential properties in Bangalore are prepared for the future. The design elements that are considered essential today are already present in Embassy properties and were conceived years ago. Our ‘Future First’ vision makes this possible. A vision to see where the world is going and to consistently be agile enough to get there.


The promise of the ‘Good Life’ at the Embassy stems from an immersive community perspective and is reflected in the best of locations, uber-luxury lifestyles, fully managed homes, and international amenities. Our residential projects are designed in accordance with IGBC Green Homes Gold or Platinum ratings as part of our ongoing effort to create sustainable developments. Because of our brand equity as pioneers of premium residences, our ongoing and proposed residential projects are the most sought-after addresses. The Embassy is at the forefront of luxury, sustainability, delivery, and ROI. Our development portfolio includes branded residences, ultra-luxurious villas, exclusive Vilaments, sky condominiums, integrated developments, and smartly designed contemporary homes with something for every investor. The single-family home is the most well-known example. Definitions vary, but in general, it is a structure with one dwelling unit that is separate from all other structures and has open space on all sides.  Residential homes in Bangalore also includes multi-family homes with two, three, or four units. Townhouses and semi-detached houses fall into the same category. Rental properties with five or more units, whether apartment buildings or apartment communities, are classified as commercial property rather than residential property. Although condominium units are residential, the buildings they are housed in are commercial.



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