Reborn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey – Crimson My Glory Year

After the gossip between husband and wife, there was a break. The next day, Luo Yan got up early in the morning and saw Cheng Dong. “Cheng Dong stepped forward and said in a low voice,” Two years ago, the Han family organized a League building, and the place of the League building was set in Ye Guo. ” “Half a year later, Huo Gang came back several times, but each time he came and went in a hurry.” “Three months ago, Han got the investment, and soon Huo Gang came back.” Luo Yan’s eyes flashed. Is he still here? Cheng Dong nodded and asked in a low voice, “Would you like me to take someone to try?” Luo Yan thought about it and shook his head. “No, don’t move it for the time being.” Cheng Dong turned his eyes, crossed Luo Yan, saw Lin Miao coming, nodded with a smile, and then went to meet his brothers. Lin Miao came over. “What’s the matter?” Luo Yan shook his head and smiled when he saw three little ones behind her. Come on, breakfast should be ready. Lin Miao followed behind, looking at Luo Yan’s back. Cheng Dong can now be regarded as his right-hand man. Now everything looks calm, but in fact there are countless undercurrents. With Luo Yan’s character, Cheng Dong should be so busy that his feet don’t touch the ground. How can he have time to come here in the morning to chat? After dinner, Luo Yan went to work. When Lin Miao went to the back garden,tile trim manufacturers, he saw Cheng Dong talking to a man with a black face. “What’s the matter?” He asked. Cheng Dong turned his head and motioned to the man to be busy. “I just got a new batch of machines,” he said with a smile. “I want to try them.” “By the way, tell Luo Yan so that no one will reimburse me.” Lin Miao stared at him suspiciously. Ture “Nature is true,” Cheng Dong board up face, “how, don’t even I believe?” “No,” Lin Miao smiled. “I’ve been a little sensitive recently, so I just asked.” “Since it’s all right,aluminum tile trim, it’s all right.” She went into the kitchen. Cheng Dong turned around and breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not dare to be careless. When he left, he talked to his brothers before he left. Lin Miao finished his work in the kitchen and came out. Cheng Dong had already left. Wei Ning jumped down from the tree and grinned his white teeth. “My name is Wei Ning. My brother told me when he left. I have something to tell you.” Lin Miao nodded, “Hello, my name is Lin Miao.” “What are you looking for me for?” Wei Ning grinned. “Well, the other two brothers and I are not the same as the others. We can’t do that without their formal training.” “As it happens, your yard is also short of a door sweeper, so I thought,” He scratched his head and looked very embarrassed. ” This is exactly what I think, “Lin Miao smiled,” I am not familiar with these things, used to be handed over to others to manage. “Now that I have mentioned it, I will give you all these things together.” “Yes,” Wei Ning was a little surprised. His intention was to find a place to shelter from the wind and rain so that his brothers could take turns to rest. Unexpectedly, Lin Miao was so generous that he directly handed over the safety inside and outside the yard to them. “There’s also buying, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless tile trim,” said Lin Miao. “It used to be the special assistant and the cook who came to discuss it.” “Can any of you do that?” Wei Ning blinked his eyes. They are all rough men in this circle, usually sleeping in the open air, eating compressed biscuits, or marching rations, where to understand these. Lin Miao looked at him and nodded slightly. All right, I’ll see what I can do. She smiled at Wei Ning, “I don’t know how many meals to prepare for everyone?” Since the day of the fight, these people seem to have disappeared. If Luo Yan and her hands were not still there, she would have thought that everyone had gone back. This, you just look at the preparation, twenty or thirty copies, all right. “Wei Ning bared his white teeth.”. The smell in the kitchen is killing them these days. It’s just that they can’t eat it, and even if they’re so greedy that they drool, they have to endure it. Lin Miao nodded with a smile. By noon, Lin Miao and the cook had steamed ten drawers of steamed buns. Born in the north, Lin Miao likes to make white and fat steamed buns. After finishing the steamed bread, she fished out the white meat that was just right and cut it into slices. The cook put the washed eggplant on the drawer and then fried it in sesame oil. Bai Yi cut the white meat, patted a few heads of garlic, and adjusted the juice. The smell of spicy pepper has come from the cook. Soon, the meal was ready. Lin Miao went out for a walk, but as expected, no one was found. She brought out her and Sister Zhu’s meals directly and asked the cook to bring out his own. Then he raised his voice and said, “It’s all yours in the kitchen.” The wind is blowing gently, and the leaves are clattering. The cook turned his head and looked around, but saw nothing. Lin Miao didn’t take it seriously and left with his things. When the dishes came back, they saw the clean dishes and steamer drawers. He’s pretty good at doing things. Smiling, Lin Miao washed the dishes and soaked them in five strips of bacon. After thinking about it, she took out three more. The next day, the cook came over to prepare the dishes, and when he saw five or six catties of bacon in the basin, his eyes widened. How many people do you have to feed? He couldn’t hold back and asked. Lin Miao laughed, “They said they might have to work in shifts at night, so they could do more, so as not to have nothing to eat at night.” The cook grinned. Once upon a time, the yard was protected, and he didn’t have to do so much. Lin Miao took out the pickled bacon, washed it clean, and prepared to cook. The cook came out with the fish he had prepared early in the morning. Just tidied up, did not wait for the pot, then saw Lin Miao took a large piece of good streaky pork. The meat weighed five or six catties, and the shape looked familiar. The cook’s eyes were wide open. If he wasn’t dazzled, it was the best pork belly he had managed to get. Facing the cook’s grief-stricken eyes, Lin Miao smiled and washed the meat clean, then changed the knife and cut it into tofu pieces. The cook saw Lin Miao cut all the meat, gave up the general drooping shoulders, bitter and bitter fried fish. Lin Miao has now poured oil, stir-fried scallion and ginger, and added meat. After a while,tile profile factory, the skin began to shine and the oil came out. Lin Miao tilted his head, stared at the heat, and threw lean meat in from time to time. The cook turned over the fish and looked at Lin Miao.


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