Palettecad program do projektowania mebli

Design program?

Only PaletteCAD!

PaletteCAD is a program that fully meets the needs of all designers.

It is a professional program for interior design, furniture, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens, masonry, building houses, rooms, etc. You will see it all in wonderful 3D visualizations!


Furniture design program

PaletteCAD is an advanced tool for furniture design and production.

The furniture design program is suitable for all the treatments that you want to do in the carpentry shop, regardless of the material in which it is made.

Milling or sawing, drilling holes, recesses, notes – all this can be planned in the project and performed on machining centers.

Comprehensive technical documentation, an explosion drawing for assembly or a commercial offer, visualization for the customer, all based on one project.


Program do projektowania mebli


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