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But, though they had retreated, the terrible pressure, which seemed to destroy everything around them, remained in their hearts, as if it were engraved in the depths of their souls, and could not be dispelled. Wang Ling, you are suitable to take the warrior route, so I will teach you a secret of Dou Neng practice. Relax and don’t resist. After waiting for two people to stand up from the ground, Tang Fan just continues to open his mouth to say, immediately, a spirit force attacks and rolls out, entered Wang Ling’s spirit sea directly. Wang Ling’s spiritual sea is completely different from Tang Fan’s. In fact, other people’s spiritual sea is different from Tang Fan’s, because Tang Fan is a necromancer, a necromancer with spiritual power as the main force. The spiritual sea is very large and vigorous, just like the vast starry sky, while the spiritual sea of other people is very limited. After Tang Fan’s spiritual power enters Wang Ling’s spiritual sea, he injects a flow of information condensed by the secret of fighting into it, so that Wang Ling can naturally absorb it. Of course, this secret of fighting power was obtained from the souls of the professionals in the dark continent who had previously encountered it in the evil cave. This secret of fighting power was practiced by the swordsman with a big sword. Wang Ling closed his eyes and remained motionless, slowly absorbing the secret of fighting given by Tang Fan. Yang Lan, relax your spirit. Tang Fan said, and another mental force came out and flew to Yang Lan. Tang Fan gave Yang Lan the secret of cultivation, not the secret of fighting, but the method of meditation,industrial racking systems, which is the method of meditation of Jamieson, the Flame Master of the Dark Continent. Because there are obvious differences between Yang Lan and Wang Ling. Wang Ling is the kind of partial warrior type, physical strength is higher, suitable for close combat, while Yang Lan is mental strength will be higher, her physical strength, even less than those 13 magic fighters, but mental strength is far better than 15 magic fighters. Therefore, Tang Fancai intends to let Yang Lan practice meditation,shuttle rack system, transform the magic energy in her body into lightning magic, and become a lightning mage, specializing in magic skills attack. After that, Yang Lan also stood motionless with her eyes closed to absorb the meditation method given by Tang Fan. Let’s go Tang Fan got up and left the side hall, Qin Taisheng and Qin Bingxin also got up and left one after another. Tang Fan told the servants not to enter the side hall to disturb them, so he returned to his room and began to meditate. The night passed peacefully, except for the previous extermination and the subsequent purchase of slaves, the second half of the night passed heavily. Early the next morning, when Tang Fan had just left the room and came to the hall, he saw Wang Ling and Yang Lan coming from the side hall. Although it was a sleepless night, the spirit of the two people was not half tired, their faces were ruddy and fluorescent, their eyes were shining and flowing endlessly, and a momentum was condensed on their bodies, if there was no expansion and contraction. Obviously, after a night of absorbing the secret given by Tang Fan, the two men gained a lot, as if they understood something, warehouse storage racks ,shuttle rack system, which made their spirit change significantly, sweeping away the decadence and destruction of the past, and becoming full of vitality and spirit. They never thought, originally, the magic warrior is not only through awakening, but also through practice, originally, after becoming a magic warrior, but also through practice to continuously enhance their own strength. And the way to practice is naturally the secret. After the two of them read the secret given by Tang Fan carefully, they immersed themselves in it and slowly understood and digested it. Although they had not yet started to practice, after understanding and digesting it, they deeply understood that as long as they were not lazy and worked hard to practice this secret, they would be able to become stronger and stronger than others. These two people are going to return to the room where they have been arranged and begin to practice the secret. Adult As soon as they saw Tang Fan, they immediately bowed and saluted, which was entirely voluntary and from the bottom of their hearts, because, had it not been for Tang Fan, the two of them might still be at Fatty Jin, or they might have been bought by others and become tools for fun. In any case, absolutely can not be as good as now, Tang Fan not only did not use them as a tool for fun, but also healed the wounds in their bodies, making them have strength again, and even gave them the secret of practice, making the future more possible, so that they can become more powerful. All hopes, all possibilities, are given by Tang Fan, they have a kind of respect from the heart for Tang Fan. Combined with the kind of momentum that Tang Fan had revealed before, the terrible and incomparable momentum, rolled down in an instant, so that they did not have half of the resistance, under that kind of momentum, almost suffocated, making them feel as if they were like a mole ant, a finger would be destroyed. The strong are respected, and the combination of various circumstances creates their gratitude and respect at this time. Volume II: The New Age of Chaos 47 Golden Nine Fingers Invitation 47 Invitation of Jin Jiuzhi Wang Ling and Yang Lan were so grateful that they went back to their room and began to practice their secret of fighting and meditation, while Tang Fan, after walking around, returned to his room and took out the undead magic code and studied it carefully. Time passed quickly, and before I knew it, it was nearly noon. Everything in the station is handed over to the housekeeper to arrange and deal with. Tang Fan is now a hands-off shopkeeper who simply ignores these trifles. In fact, he himself does not understand these things, nor is he willing to manage them. At this time, outside the station, there were four minibus-like cars coming quickly, driving into the open door and into the courtyard. The doors opened one after another, and two people got out of the car, eight in all. Knock, knock. The door of Tang Fan’s room was knocked, and the knock seemed very rhythmic. What’s the matter? With a slight sweep of Tang Fan’s mental strength, he knew who was standing outside the door. My Lord, Your Excellency, the Magic Warrior of the Four Battalions, has come to visit. Standing outside the door was Lao Wang, the housekeeper. Mmm. Tang Fan answered,mobile racking systems, got up, put away the necromancy, opened the door and went out.


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