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“Hundreds of years before I ascended to the spirit world, I had seen the Moon Fairy. At that time, the Moon Fairy was already at the end of her life. Then I had not heard any news about her. At this time, most of them had fallen.”. As for the Snow Ape Taoist, didn’t he ascend to the spirit world with Master Kongwen? The Master should know something about it. Hunyuanzi said, “Yes, Master Kongwen’s disciple said that Master Kongwen and Snow Ape’s original soul lamp would soon go out. We thought that the two Taoist friends had an accident and had fallen. What happened in those years?” “It turns out that the Moon Fairy has fallen, and she is the genius of Tianlinggen!” Master Kongwen sighed lightly and said sadly. Zhao and the moon fairy also have a fate, Wen Yan is also dejected. However, the cultivation of immortals is like this, with the improvement of cultivation, the old friends around, will eventually gradually leave their own, after all, can practice to a high level, or a few. These people have been the top existence of the human world, this kind of parting, experienced a lot, naturally will not be too sentimental. Master Kong Wen finally heaved a deep sigh and said, “As for the Snow Ape Taoist friend, he did fly up to the spirit world with the old monk, but he encountered a terrible space storm on the way. The old monk is not very clear about the whereabouts of the Snow Ape Taoist friend. I’m afraid most of them are no longer alive.” Hunyuanzi nodded,outdoor endless pool, not surprised. The three of them chatted for a while, and then Zhao Di and Hun yuanzi took their leave. Hun yuanzi went back to his secret room and continued to meditate, diligently practicing for the impact of refining. Zhao turned back a moment later and came straight to the point and said to Master Kongwen, “Master can deceive Hunyuanzi, but he can’t deceive Zhao!”! To tell you the truth, it took a lot of time for Zhao Di to rescue the master. On the one hand, he was thinking of the old friend’s feelings and gave him a helping hand. On the other hand, he wanted to ask the master about the whereabouts of the Snow Ape Taoist friend! Ha ha,4 person jacuzzi, unexpectedly Zhao Mou and Hun yuanzi all looked at the eye, that snow ape Taoist friend, unexpectedly so hidden! “The younger generation is really confused about what senior Zhao is saying.” Kong Wen asked confusedly. Zhao Di snorted coldly and said with a straight face, “Master, you don’t have to hide it. Zhao can save you from the eminent monk in the spirit world. Of course, he knows a lot of things.”. If Master Kongwen can tell everything frankly, Zhao will naturally treat each other with courtesy and take out the treasure to help Master practice. With the master’s aptitude and talent, within a few hundred years, the master, like Hun yuanzi, will be able to start hitting the bottleneck of the refining period, and even in the future, there will be hope for advanced integration! “And if the master continues to pretend to be stupid, Zhao will have to use force, but if one is not careful, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi suppliers, I am afraid that the master yuanshen will be hit hard again, or even on the spot!” Master Kongwen was silent. Obviously, he could not be frightened by a few threats, otherwise he would not have died rather than surrender under Jieku. With a sigh, Zhao changed his tone and sincerely advised, “Does the master still want to sleep for a thousand years?”? The master knows very well that Zhao is already one of the top beings in the spirit world. The first monk in the spirit world, the Brahma master in the Mahayana period, also has a good relationship with Zhao. With the master’s seven Xuanfo body talent and the status of a soaring monk, together with Zhao’s strong recommendation, maybe the master can become a nominal disciple of the Brahma monk, and the future is even more limitless! “And the secret that Snow Ape Taoist is involved in is an extraordinary space treasure. With the master’s current cultivation, it is impossible to take it as his own. Why bother to ruin an excellent opportunity for cultivation in order to preserve this secret that is useless to him?” Volume 12 The Return of the King Chapter 989 Breaking the Boundary Banner “It turns out that senior Zhao really knows a lot.” Kong Wen gave a wry smile and sighed: “The younger generation can explain the whole thing clearly, but I hope the older generation can promise the younger generation a condition.” “What conditions?”? You might as well talk to yourself. Zhao Di smiled slightly. If the Snow Ape Taoist friend has fallen, ask the elder to avenge him; if he is still alive, I hope the elder can remember that he is an old friend of the human world and give him a way out. To be kind to others is also to be kind to oneself. Kong Wen put his hands together and said. Zhao nodded and said with a straight face, “Zhao can promise!” Kong Wen nodded his head slightly and gave a Buddhist ritual to Zhao Di. “Good,” he said. “The elder’s words are as good as nine tripods. The younger generation dare not ask the elder to take an oath. What happened was that the younger generation went to the city of the sky with the snow ape Taoist friends and flew up to the spirit world from that crack. Kong Wen briefly narrated the general experience, and the more Zhao listened, the more shocked he was. Originally, when the two were flying together, they encountered a lot of space storms at the beginning, but they took care of each other and always saved the day by joining hands. But not long after, suddenly a very terrible storm rolled in, instantly destroyed the two defense magic, empty smell also hurt a lot. The empty smell thought that both of them could not escape death, but at this critical moment of life and death, the snow ape suddenly changed its breath, as if the strength of the immortal possession had increased dramatically, and also offered a very good space treasure-a strange triangular wind banner, which, with a gentle wave of the wind banner, actually split a void passage in the middle of the space storm. Into another void, to avoid the storm of space, such as two people from the passage out, has reached the spirit world. The whole process was not long, so in the eyes of those disciples, the original soul lamp of the two people first became very weak, and then soon went out, thinking that the two people had met with an accident. What does the wind banner look like? Zhao asked with a movement in his heart. Triangles, engraved with numerous abstruse golden runes, are dizzy at a glance, so the younger generation can not concentrate on it. Said Kong Wen, frowning. Sure enough, it’s a broken banner! This treasure of Xuantian, which appeared in the spirit world tens of thousands of years ago but disappeared like a flash in the pan, is in the hands of a snow ape in the lower world! In the heart of Zhao Di, he asked hurriedly, “What does the Snow Ape Taoist look like when his breath changes greatly?”? Master,jacuzzi manufacturers, can you tell me in detail? Kong Wen recalled carefully for a moment and said, “It seems that a very special breath came out of his body and then poured into the wind banner, driving the wind banner.”. There is no surprising change in the appearance of the snow ape Taoist friend. 。 monalisa.com


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