Legend of Galactic Heroes vol.5 Wind and Cloud

The purpose of their war is not cruel, but no one can understand that justice and faith are the most bloodthirsty things in the world. In order to achieve the justice they advocated, the supreme guides sent thousands of people to the battlefield. Before feeding their faith, they must bury the lives of countless soldiers alive, or make them useless with broken hands and feet. If the rulers of the country had abandoned the so-called faith and justice, the soldiers would not have to watch the internal organs from their wounds die tragically in fear and pain. However, as long as they are in a safe place far away from the battlefield, the power holders will continue to insist that “justice and faith are far more important than life”. If Reinhart can draw a line between himself and those mediocre and despicable power holders, it is probably because he often stands at the forefront with the soldiers! “Mom, Mom..” The young soldier, whose feet were blown off by the blast, crawled on the ground with his hands and screamed hoarsely in the pool of blood. The wounded and bloodied soldiers groaned and did not hesitate to step over the soldier’s body, only to hear the sound of broken ribs, and the young soldier’s eyes lost their luster. The scenes of cruelty and misery were not only the monopoly of one side, but also the pain and struggle of the allies who were fiercely attacked by the Imperial Army. The Lancer 238 shot from the electromagnetic gun penetrated the armor of the warship and exploded with super-high heat energy. The soldier, who was surrounded by flames, rolled to the ground with a strange scream, and the deck was already in a very hot state, and the scattered blood turned into white smoke and evaporated. The officer ordered the ship to be abandoned en masse, and the bloodied survivors pushed aside the fire and smoke and rushed to the sealed hatch as fast as their physical strength permitted. As soon as the blood from the wound comes into contact with the floor, it produces new steam, which penetrates the floor and burns the soles of the feet. New explosions occurred one after another, and the soldiers were slapped down by the huge hand of the hot wind. Shards of metal and ceramics with sharp angles cut through the air at high speed, cutting off the soldiers’ heads like melons and vegetables. The headless corpse fell in a rain of blood on his companion who was about to get up, and then a new scream came out. The palm touching the floor was burned in an instant. When it was pulled up,american hot tub, the skin stuck to the floor, and the exposed flesh and blood were black and purple because of the fire and blood, as if wearing gloves. When the airtight cabin door closes, it blocks the scene of hell on earth, but in front of the survivors, another door of hell is still open. With the passage of time, the rate of sacrifice increased, the killing and destruction became more intense, and the number and scope of them expanded. Both the Imperial Army and the Allied Army fell into a muddy abyss that was difficult to save themselves and seemed to be boiling. wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com Chapter 8 Novel-txt Paradise — — Dead Door — — Ⅰ At the beginning, the forces that took part in the Battle of Barmilion were about equal in number, with the Imperials having 1,886 ships and 229,005, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub,400 generals, and the Confederates having 1,642 ships and 197,600 generals. The Confederates had shorter supply lines, and were like guerrillas to the Imperial forces that were in deep formation. If you want to say it reluctantly, perhaps you can say that the allies “will not stand in a disadvantageous position”! However, the Imperials could count on the strong reinforcements of Midamaia, Rojantar, Murat, Bidianfuerth and others, while the allies had no copper coins left in their coffers. If defeated here, Heinesen, the capital without a single soldier, would be at the mercy of others, which means that the fate of the Alliance of Free Planets would depend entirely on whether Reinhart von Rojankram could be defeated here. The gravity of the situation was enough to crush the hearts of the Allied commanders, and if some people were mad because of the great difficulty of responsibility, others should not blame them for weakness! The reason why Yang did not end up in such a situation was that he had known from a long time ago that there were limits to human abilities and possibilities, and he had changed his attitude and opened up to things. If Young-Willy can’t beat Reinhart von Rojankram, at least it means that no one in the Confederacy can beat him. That’s no pity. However, this can only be true without having to see the soldiers who died in fear and pain. For Yang, it is not a new thing to realize that he is a criminal who kills a lot of people. Although there are compelling reasons for this, the tragic situation of visualized destruction and bloodshed is enough to chill the heart of this young man who has always been a historian. Yang had to wonder if he, who had done this before and was still doing it, was qualified to pursue family happiness? This is also the biggest reason why he has not been able to fulfill the wishes of Filetliga Greenhill before, and now it seems that he has finally overcome this psychological barrier. However, it seems impossible to completely adjust the balance of this mentality, of course, even if Yang gives up the happiness of his family, the dead will not come back to life, but. The strategic process of the Battle of Barmilion was unprecedented in its strength and sophistication, and later generations have always focused on the head-on confrontation of two young marshals who won the mythical reputation of “military genius.”. However, in the first phase of the battle, there was a chaotic scene under the incredible command of the two men, which turned into a war of attrition that neither side wanted to continue. They all knew that if they went on like this, they would go straight to breaking the game, so both sides devoted themselves to cleaning up the unexpected war situation, and finally, the two sides finally came to an end for the seemingly endless killing of each other. The insight and judgment here, as well as the success of handling, may prove that they are extraordinary, although the way of expression is negative. “Hey!”! We fought a bad fight! Yang sighed as he looked at the information. The essence of military science is how to effectively kill the enemy while reducing the sacrifice of our personnel. But this time,endless pool swim spa, he has deviated from the regular track, the loss of a lot of valuable combat power, he felt regret is also its own. monalisa.com


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