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The head seems to be about to explode. Qin Tian closed his eyes and fell to the ground, fainting. Chapter 267, falling into madness. Chapter 267, falling into madness. In a coma, Qin Tian felt his body lifted by a force and flew into the void. In the blink of an eye, he went out of the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes and walked in the direction of the Refinery Hall. Break the second order of the air and be knocked unconscious at random, which shows how terrible this force is. Qin Tian doesn’t even know what the sword spirit is, let alone have seen it. But in my heart I suddenly remembered Wu Tian’s words, “I’ve never seen such a powerful sword before.” I said to myself, “Could it be that the master of the sword spirit is Shen Yan, Lord of Lieyang Palace?” “Shen Yan is only one step out of the sky. He hasn’t gone any further for decades. How can he summon such a powerful sword spirit?” Although the sword spirit is not limited by the power of the refiner, it is not generally difficult to refine and summon the sword spirit by Shen Yan of the first order of the broken banquet. What’s more, the sword spirit is extremely difficult to control, a little carelessness will bite back, the consequences are unimaginable. Who on earth is it? Qin Tian kept thinking about this problem in his mind, and finally his consciousness became more and more blurred, and finally even his divine consciousness passed out. I don’t know how long I’ve been in a coma. When Qin Tian woke up again, he was in a refining room, to be exact, Shen Yan’s exclusive refining room. For this reason, he was shocked and silently said in his heart: “Is it really Shen Yan?” Refinery room is very simple, furnishings are not many items, but there are a few things Qin Tian is very familiar with, the sea of fire, the gas of Gengjin, there is a pitted stone, the material is peculiar, can not help but think of Shen Yan decades ago to find the “demon star meteorite” These things make Qin Tian one of them. Sure enough, it was used for refining. From the very beginning,heavy duty cantilever racks, Qin Tian secretly guessed that Shen Yan was collecting these in secret to refine a magic weapon, but did not expect that it had not yet been refined. You’re awake. Shen Yan pushed the door and entered, glanced at Qin Tian, and smiled faintly. Master, why am I here? What about the sword spirit? Qin Tian pretended to know nothing and wanted to stand up, but suddenly found that he had no strength at all, and the whole person seemed to collapse. Suddenly, the eyebrows secretly a wrinkle, immediately out of the True Qi, but found that the Dantian was also imprisoned, dare not display any True Qi. Don’t waste your efforts. Even Da Luo can’t break through the trapped dragon bracelet on your body. Shen Yan still keeps a faint smile and amiable appearance. But at this time, Qin Tian felt extremely sick. Master, did the disciple do something wrong? Qin Tian leaned on one side, with doubts in his eyes, but secretly anxious in his heart. He did not know what Shen Yan’s intention was to catch him, drive in racking system ,asrs warehouse, but it would never be a good thing. And looking at her face faint smile, Qin Tian heart has a kind of impulse to beat people, did not feel before, now feel that the smile is extremely disgusting. You did a good job and surprised me. Shen Yan walked to the side of the furnace tripod, a stream of True Qi was slightly released from the palm of his hand, and the flame in the furnace tripod immediately gushed out. The flames were so strong that the room should be hot, but Qin Tian could not feel a trace of heat, on the contrary, he felt the cold blowing on his face, and the temperature in the room dropped sharply. Do you know why the flame gets cold? Shen Yan looked at Qin Tian’s surprised appearance and said with great interest, “Because it is Xuanming Shenbing, the best fuel in the world. It is more powerful than the fire of True Qi. Of course, it is a little worse than the strange fire you are looking for.” “I got this a hundred years ago.” “A hundred years ago?” Qin Tian secretly tightened his heart, “could it be that Shen Yan was preparing as early as a hundred years ago?” “Do you know what is the strongest in the world?” “It’s an alchemist.” Do you know why? “Because only alchemists can refine the most powerful magic weapons, immortals, artifacts, and even immortal kings are refined by alchemists.” “The magic weapon that has not been produced for ten thousand years seems to be bred between heaven and earth, but in fact it is only the way of heaven that regards heaven and earth as a furnace and tripod. It takes tens of thousands of years to produce one. The reason why it is powerful is that it contains the idea of the refiner, that is, the power of the way of heaven.” Shen Yan’s eyes were full of fanaticism. Then he squatted down in front of Qin Tian and said with a smile, “Do you know why I caught you?” Qin Tian shook his head in a wooden way. In the heart actually is shocked by Shen Yan just words, if does not have the dragon knife he to be able to slay the defense intrepid amethyst beast? The magic weapon can really turn an ordinary person into a super strong person. But the source of power is everything. Why does Dzogchen have to cross the plunder to become a saint? Go against heaven, transcend the control of the way of heaven, become a dauntless saint, and override the way of heaven. Because you’re the perfect mixer. “Ha ha.” “Shen Yan suddenly burst out laughing, and his laughter was extremely sharp and harsh.” Mixer?! Qin Tian heart suddenly a shock, turned to wake up, people can indeed be mixed as a device, the perfect integration of mind and device, play out the power of countless times stronger than the ordinary magic weapon. That’s what evil alchemists do. Now Qin Tian finally knows. From the very beginning, he fell into the trap of Shen Yan, and he became an accomplice in killing himself. He helped Shen Yan get the fire of the underworld and the spirit of Gengjin. There is not a good man in this Shuijizong. Qin Tian heart mercilessly cursed, looking at the arm of a pair of trapped dragon bracelets, Dantian constant luck, but always unable to condense a trace of True Qi, let alone break through the trapped dragon bracelets. As Shen Yan said, even Da Luo Jinxian can’t break through the dragon bracelet. Do not think of a way to get away, oneself will become a mixed, eternal reincarnation, unexpectedly not killed by the Red Moon Demon King, but Shen Yan to refine into a magic weapon. ***, is I so tragic? Qin Tian was so angry that he stared at Shen Yan with cold light in his eyes. It’s no use looking at me like that. Shen Yan stood up, looked at the fire in the furnace tripod, then his hands suddenly empty, eyebrows wrinkled, carrying out a powerful True Qi, cold drink a “sword spirit, out..” “Buzzing.” “Ring,industrial racking systems, ring, ring..” There was a strong sound of a sword in the room, and then a silver-white sword engraved with mysterious runes slowly appeared in the void under Shen Yan’s right palm. Draw the spirit! 。


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