Important Things You Need To Know About Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft announced the addition of a new module for defining and managing company goals to the Microsoft Viva suite in May.Microsoft Viva Goals’ purpose, according to Microsoft, is to fill the gap between employee experience and business outcomes for clear, precise, standardized business goals. The renowned expert claims that Microsoft has made significant efforts to comprehend the true problems with the employee experience. At the same time, they are establishing themselves in an employee-driven market where it is getting harder and harder to keep talent.

The basic human urge to advance and make a difference at work is one of these factors that affect employees. 77% of employees stated their employer must offer a feeling of purpose and meaning at work in the Work Trend Index poll that Microsoft conducted and cited in their announcement about Microsoft Viva Goals. And 69% of respondents felt it’s critical or essential to compensate for impact rather than labor hours.

What Is Microsoft Viva Goal? 

Microsoft Viva is a platform for the employee experience that integrates technologies for learning, well-being, and knowledge discovery into the work process. The most recent addition to the site is Viva Goals.

At the time of writing the Viva Goals, Microsoft commits to achieving the following things: 

  • Viva Goals Teams connects to the company’s strategic preferences

  • Viva Goals tracks the employee’s work productivity and detect the progress 

  • Viva goals convert the business goals into the flow of the everyday work

Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and other work management and data solutions in businesses that already use them are all integrated with Microsoft Viva Goals. It also enables businesses to include goal-setting and progress monitoring in every employee’s routine tasks. It is no longer necessary to dust off objectives and goals only when it comes time for performance reviews; they are now visible and pertinent.

Track Performance Using OKRs 

Objectives and key results are what Microsoft specifically refers to while discussing Microsoft Viva Goals (OKRs). The former president of Intel, Andy Grove, developed this method for creating goals to accomplish measurable workplace objectives through corporate alignment, agility, and transparency.

OKRs are also supported by Google, and are simply a more modernized version of “smart goals,” with clear targets, outlined actions to get there and success measures, and regular talks about progress.

Now that OKRs are a well-known management technique, some software tools are available to assist businesses in putting them into practice. There is, the software business that Microsoft bought in late 2021 and which now serves as the foundation of Viva MicrosoftGoals, in addition to Betterworks, Workboard, 15Five, and Lattice.

Final Words 

Both a web application and a Microsoft Teams application are available for Viva Goals. Customers can purchase and utilize Viva Goals with the web application without owning or subscribing to any other Microsoft product or service.

The Viva Goals application in Teams requires a Microsoft Teams product license to use. If you want to learn more about Microsoft viva goals and pricing details. Keep in touch with Kmicro experts to get a clear understanding of these updates. 



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