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The population of the Byzantine Empire is ten times that of Odin, and its land is three times that of Odin, but it is at a disadvantage in the contest with Odin for a hundred years, and the Tema military district system is the biggest root! It is this backward and decadent military region system that divides the complete empire into countless individuals, making it impossible for the empire to concentrate all its national strength against foreign enemies every time it encounters difficulties, and at the same time, the huge repeated consumption and waste of national strength caused by the divided military region.. Such an idea angered the powerful military at that time. Tema military system is a special military administrative system formed by the Byzantine Empire a hundred years ago. At that time, the Empire unfortunately fell into an internal rebellion and civil war, and taking advantage of the weakness of the Byzantine Empire, the powerful enemy Odin and the nomadic people in the East took the opportunity to invade, and the Empire once faced a desperate situation of disintegration. At that time, the Emperor of the Empire, in response to this crisis, set up a new semi-militarized administrative system,metal stamping parts, under which the Byzantine Empire’s territory, in addition to the part of the Empire centered on Osgiliya, continued to be directly administered by the Emperor, and dozens of “military regions” were set up in other areas. In each military region, the highest administrative officer is the governor, who is a general of the military. In principle, the system of peasant soldiers was implemented in each military region, that is, deep draw stamping ,socket screw plug, the government provided part of the land to recruit some peasants for cultivation, and these recruited peasants could get part of the land harvest. At the same time, they also needed to perform military service, cultivate in peacetime, carry out some military training in leisure time, and enlist in the army once faced with war. The view was that mobilization and command in wartime would be easy if the peasants’ livelihood was secure, and that the general morale of the soldiers fighting to defend their homeland against foreign invaders could be kept to a minimum, while the burden on their salaries could be reduced to a minimum. As it turns out, the idea itself is true; the problem is that such a system also has many inherent defects that cannot be avoided! It is doomed that such a system of peasant soldiers can only be used temporarily in times of crisis. It cannot be used as a long-term national strategy at all. When he was young, Cavihill made a point of belittling the system. The wise man of the Empire believed that, first of all, such a system could only be an excellent emergency strategy in the face of crisis. Although the land-owning peasant soldiers will have high morale in the face of foreign invaders and protect their homes, the nature of half-peasant and half-soldier makes these peasant soldiers unable to break away from the essential characteristics of peasants: love of soil! They can’t fight away from home! Although they are full of motivation when they surround their homes, they are often demoralized when they need such an army to go to war. In a word, such a peasant soldier simply cannot assume the responsibility of a national defense force! The second weakness is waste! This kind of peasant soldier system can only play a role in resisting the invasion of foreign enemies, that is to say, when the enemy comes to the home, the defense will play the greatest combat effectiveness of the peasant soldier. But war can’t be just a defensive war! Because of this, the Empire must also establish a real professional army as the standing mobile combat effectiveness of the Empire. This kind of military construction has caused a lot of repeated waste of resources. The third irreconcilable contradiction is land! The Byzantine Empire had a feudal constitution of enfeoffment, in essence, the royal family was the largest aristocracy, and there was an aristocratic class centered on the royal family. The enfeoffment of new lands was required for the creation of each new aristocracy. And only when a family lineage is completely severed does the empire have the right to nationalize its land.. But the speed of the new aristocracy is always faster than the extinction of the old aristocracy, and much more! Although the land of the empire is vast, the total amount of land is still limited after all. A total of so much land, to keep the distribution of the new aristocracy,Magnetic Drain Plug, while there are a large number of land by the military region as a special farmland for farmers and soldiers, more and more land demand, forming an irreconcilable contradiction.


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