How to use Flipkart Super Coins?

Flipkart hosts a Big Billion Days Sale for its customers each year. However, some deals, discounts, and offers are only available to Flipkart Plus users. Plus members can use their super coins to purchase discounted items. Flipkart Super Coins provide rewards to millions of website visitors. For each order you place on Flipkart up to Rs 100, you will receive a Super Coin. Non-plus members receive two Super Coins for every 100 rupees spent on purchases on Flipkart, whilst plus members receive four Super Coins for the same amount. For each order, Flipkart Plus members can earn up to 100 Super Coins.

While non-plus members are only permitted to receive 50 Coins every order. Visit this similar website: Formally severing ties with parent firm Flipkart, PhonePe. You can see how many Super Coins you have so far accumulated by clicking on Super Coins below on your Flipkart app. The following actions can be done using one rupee or one super cent. Read the structure that the Indian government has suggested as well. There are numerous benefits of Flipkart Supercoin?Know more about how to use super coins in Flipkart


  1. Purchase the necessary item, Super Coins.
  2. Order EGV and coupons (Electronic Gift Vouchers)
  3. Purchase Special Offers
  4. Purchasing airline tickets

In contrast to non-Plus members, Flipkart Plus members can earn up to 100 Super Coins for every order. The Super Coins accumulated during the first purchase are then applied to the user’s account after the expiration of the return window for the user’s product order. One year after being credited to the super Coins account, super Coins become invalid. Simply explained, if Super Coins are added to your account on October 10, 2021, they will lose their worth on October 20, 2022. Super Coins won’t be lost to users that sign up for the Flipkart Plus membership. In other words, customers can utilise 200 Super Coins or more that they have already put to get a discount on any purchase they make.


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