How to Deal with Exam Stress and Anxiety?


If anyone is going through exam stress and anxiety, first of all you must know that you are not alone to feel like this. In academics, exams play an important part in every student’s life. The students regularly work hard for the exams but at the time of performing in the exam, they feel unable to perform according to the preparation. They know everything but even though they feel it difficult to perform in the exam

Few Symptoms of Exam Stress in Students 

  • Sweaty Palm

  • Fast HeartBeat 

  • Nausea 

  • Feeling of Butterflies in the Stomach

These symptoms are because of exam anxiety. We need to work on our anxiety and stress. We should learn tricks and tips to overcome the exam anxiety and perform well in the exams. Here you will learn the technique of how to handle exam stress and anxiety. You can be able to build confidence to face the exams without stress. 

First of all, we need to focus on reasons why we are facing stress during exams. 

Negative Self Talk:  Because people used to think over negative thoughts in their mind before examinations such as what if I do if I forgot the answers, What will happen if I forgot the things I learned and won’t be able to show them up in the exams. 

How to deal with negative self-talk? Shift this negative self talk to positive self talk. You will find changes in your mood while facing the examination.Next to this when we first see the examination we usually find the question to which we don’t know the answers, we should focus on the questions to which we know the exact answers. It will result in motivation in yourself. It will automatically boost your energy level. It is because you have given some correct answers already.

In addition to this, when you solve a few correct answers, you have some time and have the energy to face any challenging question afterwards with your mind and sense of humour. If we do challenging questions in the first interval it might happen that you will forget the answers  to your perfectly known questions. 


The exam is not the final step of your life. It is a stage to your journey just giving your best is your only task. It will never judge your performance on the basis of an exam and its marks obtained. It is just giving your best today in the exam. Never feel judged in the exam. The exam will not decide your performance, it is just a metric to show in further clarification of jobs and working formalities. So we should just focus on giving our best in the examination for the time being. It is not the last step that if we cannot achieve good marks or are not listed in the top ranks we will fail. 


In case you are not able to deal with the exam stress or anxiety, then there are professionals to talk to. Schedule a counselling session with the career counsellors near you, experts for exam stress management so that you will be able to face the fear of examination. 


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