Forty thousand years of cultivation

Li Yao scratched his head and understood, but he was at a loss what to do: “Hunter, if you have any problems such as super conspiracy, crisis of extinction, saving the universe and so on, you can come to me to discuss, but this, this, the bullying between young men and women, ha, Yao Lao has no way. Although Yao Lao is a married man, it was my wife who took the initiative to pursue me.” So I still lack experience in this area. …… On the other side of the harbor, the champion also operated thirty or fifty psionic puppets, looking for them in the crowd. Although the appearance of Xiaoming and Wenwen is no different from that of the children saved by Li Yao, the unique brain wave rhythm makes the boxing champion find them out of the crowd at once. A cold steel puppet, imprisoned by the excitement of discovering his own kind, appeared in front of the two little ones and released a friendly spiritual wave at them. Hello, I am the boxing champion. We have already contacted each other in the Xinghai Battlefield just now. “Hello, boxing champion, I am Xiaoming, I am Wenwen, we are Li Yao’s children, we are the sons of mankind.” After a moment of communication,stainless steel tube fitting, the two little guys, one left and one right, climbed on the broad shoulders of the steel puppet and walked deep into the harbor. These unique existences seem to have a lot of information to communicate and a lot of data to exchange. Not far away, Long Yangjun carried his hands on his back and roamed the harbor like a leisurely stroll, looking at the towering warships. The bows of most of the warships were painted with the battle emblems of the Liwuji Fleet, the Flying Rainbow Fleet, or the Twenty-eight Star Pirates, but they were like domesticated beasts,14 needle valve, obedient to the orders of the Federation Star Pirates and the Imperial Reformers. So many starships gathered together, repaired and upgraded in the blue sky market for a month, commanded by the white boss, with such “top soldiers” as Li Yao and Long Yangjun, plus Xiaoming and Wenwen’s comprehensive strengthening of the battle network chain of command and the ability of magnetic confrontation, Long Yangjun believes that such a luxurious combined fleet absolutely has the ability to shake any elite of the empire. Although it is not enough to unilaterally confront the reformists or the four big families, it has at least become a crucial chip in the game between the two sides. Not long ago, in the depths of the imperial capital, in the flames of the big iron works, they rushed to the army of immortals without hesitation, but they did not expect that the situation would change so quickly. Li Yao.. Long Yangjun gathered up his long hair and said with a slight smile, “With an interesting guy like you, you really don’t have to worry about nothing wonderful happening!”! “Is Wu Yingqi, the Black Star Emperor, the last enemy of the game? What’s next?” …… The celebration in the harbor lasted for more than three hours, and the practitioners, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, the Federation Star Pirates and the newly rescued people were gradually evacuated and properly placed in the right place. The holographic pictures of the Xinghai War just now, especially the magnificent scene of Li Yao’s decapitation of the flagship of the Flying Rainbow Fleet, were also played repeatedly in front of the captives, destroying their last trace of resistance. There were still some captives who were ready to move, but when they learned that the Great White Star Robber Group had eaten the Flying Rainbow Fleet in one bite with exhausted soldiers, they were greatly shocked and deeply worshipped under the command art of the White Boss and Li Yao’s extreme fighting power. In the world of cultivating immortals, the strong are respected. Now, Li Yao and Bai Laoda are the strong they have never seen before. There is no second choice except to submit and follow wholeheartedly. It took most of the day to find a clue to the work of anchoring the fleet, gathering the remnants of the army, placing “able-bodied men” and detaining prisoners of war. Boss Bai, the boxing champion, Long Yangjun and Li Yao were finally able to catch their breath and sit down to talk about the cause and effect and the context. Chapter 2481 have you ever heard of “magic”? “Anyway, don’t worry about how Long Daoyou and I came to the Empire, don’t worry about why I mingled with the reformists and even the Queen of the Empire, Li Linghai, and don’t care about the details of why I wore the same robe as you, the White Boss.” In the depths of the Blue Sky Market, in the private office originally belonging to Zuo Tianying, Li Yao spits on the boss and the boxing champion, “The point is, listen carefully, the point is that Wu Yingqi, the Black Star Emperor, is resurrected!”! Possessed in the body of the Imperial Queen Li Linghai! Now they have occupied the imperial capital, and in the depths of the imperial capital to engage in some big conspiracy, it is possible to completely pit the center of the Star Sea into the kind of! Bai Laoda listened with an expressionless face. Even when he heard the news of the resurrection of Wu Yingqi, the Black Star Emperor, his eyebrows did not tremble. When he heard the news, he just said lightly, “Oh.” “Oh?” Li Yao stared at the white boss in disbelief. “Hey, white boss, what’s your reaction?”? I mean really, no kidding, the ancestor of immortals, Black Star Emperor Wu Yingqi is being resurrected, and will be restored to its peak fighting power at any time! Why are you so indifferent? Aren’t you surprised? “Nothing to be surprised about.” Boss Bai looked at Li Yao and said, “Since you’vulture Li Yao ‘participated in the incident, of course, it will bring great conspiracy and endless trouble. It seems that the resurrection of Wu Yingqi, the Black Star Emperor, is the least damage you can do, right?”? To be honest, I’m thankful that you didn’t trigger a super event like the resurrection of the mad blood God in the end of the war. “What does that mean?” Li Yao is very aggrieved, “I did not let Wu Yingqi revive.” “I’m more interested in you two little guys than in the resurrection of Wu Yingqi, the Black Star Emperor.” The white eldest brother interrupted Li Yao’s defense, and Wenwen grinned at the two little guys as a greeting. At the end of the Federation’s battle against the Black Wind Fleet, the White Boss jumped to the middle of the Star Sea without stopping for a moment, so he had at best “heard a little about” Long Yangjun, and did not know that Long Yangjun had activated Nuwa’s warship in the ancient holy world and had taken away an escape capsule to break through the heavy defenses. For the time being, he did not know the true identity of Long Yangjun. At most, he could see that Long Yangjun was not a general God,hydraulic fitting supplier, but could form a team with a monster like Li Yao. Of course, it was another monster, which was not surprising.


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