Does Couples Therapy Work?

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy it can improve your relationship with your partner. It can help you at any stage of your relationship. It can address a wide range of relationship issues. For example, couples therapy could help you rebuild your relationship if you struggle with marital problems. 

Marriage counselling, premarital counselling, and family therapy are a few examples of this therapy. It is frequently a brief sort of therapy.

Types of couples therapy

There are various couples therapy techniques, so it can depend on the right one for your relationship goals. Couples therapy is a powerful tool, whether you’re looking to increase improving communication, build trust or learn to navigate your differences as individuals.

Many relationship-building techniques, including emotionally focused therapy (EFT), strongly emphasize emotion and emotional control. This therapy aims to improve a couple’s knowledge of their emotions so they can better manage them and create stronger bonds.

 While solution-focused therapy (SFT) is goal and solution-oriented, positive psychology treatment focuses on strengthening traits and behaviours such as optimism, happiness, creativity, perseverance, and hope in a person’s everyday life.

Does couples therapy work?

Couples therapy is effective because it involves a third perspective that can resolve all issues between the partners, and a skilled marriage counselor provides that perspective.

 “So, even though they can’t change their history, today is a new day, and today they can decide whether they want to resolve their problems and move forward.”

Couples can be helpful when both are committed to improving themselves personally and as a relationship. However, success is mostly dependent on a couple’s commitment to counselling.

According to the author, It takes two individuals to make something happen. When two people are committed to making something happen, it will almost certainly happen, so couples therapy can assist you in trying your best to settle any issues in your relationship.



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