Do Women Like Anal? The Real Truth!

<h1><strong>Do Women Like Anal? The Real Truth!</h1></strong>


It’s one of man’s biggest fantasies that often goes unfulfilled. While there’s no doubt that anal sex is quite satisfying for men, the pleasure levels for women still remain a mystery. Some women seem to love anal, while others absolutely abhor it or are even hesitant to try to.


So, what is the discrepancy between those who enjoy it and those who hate it? Is there something that prevents women from liking anal? Do those who love it have a secret that the rest of us don’t know? We took a deep dive into women’s thoughts about anal to finally get an answer to these burning questions!



<h1><strong>What the Statistics Say</h1></strong>


Surprisingly, according to a study analyzed and published in the National Library of Medicine, “Ten of the women (10/32; 31 % of participants) described anal intercourse as enjoyable.” Of course, this isn’t an extremely high statistic; however, it may be much higher than most of us were thinking!


One-third of the world’s population of women do find pleasure in anal sex. This means the other 69% of the female population has decided they dislike anal or they are neutral or indecisive about the activity.


As it turns out, with the right sexual atmosphere and conditions, anal sex can be very fulfilling for women. Due to inexperienced and inconsiderate partners, many women have been turned off from anal entirely.


Furthermore, many have been told the myth that it is always quite excruciating and even harmful; as such, they have been taught to avoid it. With the right amount of patience and knowledge, women can experience exhilarating and highly gratifying anal sex.


<h1><strong>Pain-Free (Mostly)</h1></strong>


As stated by Dr. Evan Goldstein, “If anal sex feels painful, it’s a symptom that you’re doing too much too quickly (WomensHealthMag). As such, anal should be treated like a marathon instead of a race. Take your time to ease your partner into the experience, and even do your research on the concept of anal training.


Many women who enjoy anal sex have testified that their first experience was with a patient and knowledgeable partner. Remember, anal shouldn’t be a traumatizing experience for your partner. Although some women do enjoy a bit of discomfort once they are more experienced in anal play, the act shouldn’t cause tearing or any other type of damage.


<h1><strong>Timing is Everything</h1></strong>


Of course, before you go straight to anal, you should have already had a discussion with your partner on the subject. Springing anal play for the first time on someone in the middle of sex isn’t a great way to gain their trust and confidence on the subject.


Allow your partner to ease into anal through anal training. As defined on Masterclass, “Anal training is the exercise of building your tolerance for anal penetration, typically with the use of fingers or <a href=””>sex toys</a>.”


By taking your time to use your finger and toys to help your partner get used to anal, you will also be building their excitement and anticipation for the grand finale. Wait until they are begging for it before you head for the back door. Even if your partner wants it right off the bat, you should take your time to tease and please before going straight to <a href=””>anal sex</a>.


<h1><strong>Don’t Embarrass</h1></strong>


Unfortunately, many women feel a sense of shame surrounding the act of anal play. Whether they are embarrassed by the appearance of their anus or caught up in fear of fecal matter becoming an issue, there are quite a few stigmas that turn women away from anal.


If you ask any woman who is against anal sex the reason behind her thinking, she is likely to say she is self-conscious about some aspect of the act. To avoid this with your own partner, be mindful of how you speak about their body and the subject in general. You wouldn’t want to turn someone off from <a href=””>anal play </a> before you even get started by accidentally embarrassing them.


<h1><strong>Find an Anal Partner</h1></strong>


With the right partner, all women stand a chance to enjoy the erotic nature of anal play. When approached incorrectly, anal sex can be very painful. Therefore, it’s important for all parties involved to be well-versed on the subject before diving in.


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