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The existence of a museum is to prolong the life of cultural relics. According to the needs of different collections, DG tailors display stage, picture frame, display board, display wall and other display props for the collection, lifts the collection to a proper height, and endows the collection with a proper display angle. 

Our museum display showcases are mainly composed of cold-rolled steel plates and ultra-white adhesive glass. At the same time, we have professional lighting system and constant temperature and humidity system, which can protect the collection to the maximum extent while showing the collections. 

DG Master of Display Showcase has provided display showcases to more than 300 museums, art galleries, science museums and private collectors in 17 countries around the world. For more examples of museum projects and the latest museum intelligent technology, please contact DG Master of display showcase. Moblie/Whatsapp/Wechat:  +86 13610079233 or +86 13822140043

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