China Paper Tube Cutting Machine manufacturers

China Paper Tube Cutting Machine manufacturers Overview This Paper Pipe Cutting Machine is used for cutting paper tubes. The host structure is made of thick steel plate, with strong acid resistance and corrosion resistance. The machine is highly automatic, and users can perform various operations through the touch panel, such as specifying the cutting length, setting the cutting quantity, etc. This high degree of automation has greatly saved labor and therefore saved money for the factory. The servo motor power of this machine is 2kW, and the rotating motor power is 1.1KW. Its efficiency is 3-6 mains per minute, and the production speed is in the forefront of similar products. Feature 1. Servo system is used for positioning, and the cutting resolution can be up to 0.01mm. 2. The machine is controlled by PLC and has automatic alarm and fault prompt functions. Touch the human-computer screen to facilitate you to input various data. 4.聽Paper Pipe Cutting Machine is applicable to batch cutting of paper tubes, and the cutting surface is smooth and flat. 5. The blade is made of alloy steel, so it is very sharp and can cut objects quickly. 6. Each operation adopts numerical control, so the degree of automation is high, so that the machine can run stably and maintain high production efficiency. Specification How to choose paper tube cutting machine? Sample photos: Packing & Delivery: Our certificate: Our factory photos: Our processing equipment and workshop: Q: What is our payment terms? A: Our general payment terms is TT.Before production,our customers should pay 30% down payment to us,then pay 70% before the machines ship to buyer.(For other payment terms,also can be communicated by buyer and seller two parts.) Q: What is our warranty? A: Our warranty is one year,the parts can be replaced freely within one year,after one year,we also will provide slove project asap for any problems you have,will try our best to help you out of trouble. Q: What is our service? A: 1. If you just enter this line and new for paper convert business. We will provide properly program from jumbo roll paper to finished products, to help you get familiar with this line and start business well. 2. We can help you to get the documents you need for customs clearance to help you make it easy. 3. Before the machine delivery,we will test the machines in our factory and make sure they are running well.If customers want to come to our factory to test the machine,it is ok,and we will send car to pick them up at the airport. 4. We will provide the manual and operating CD along the machines to customers,if necessary,we also can send technician to your factory to help you install and training your workers to operate our machine.China Paper Tube Cutting Machine manufacturers website:


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