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Add description for your Article When this hidden hatred was born, it grew like a wild grass, shaking her white lotus root arms in front of her eyes, with a childish smiling face, like herself, more like a saint. She’ll be a beauty! It will be! I will teach her the needlework of poetry and books, draw her eyebrows and touch her lips, and when she grows up, she is bound to be beautiful, and all the handsome men in the city will worship under her skirt and try their best to get the imperial concubine to marry.. Your father will spend all his money for you, and the grand and beautiful dowry will make the people in the capital enjoy talking about it for a long time. Mei Guipin trembled all over, and a drop of tears fell on the lonely night. At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door. She hesitated. She stopped her tears and said in a low voice, “Who is outside so ignorant of the rules?” Empress, Lord Shangyi wants to see you. I have something important to tell you. There was some hesitation from the man, as if he were worried about her blame. There was a flash of light in Mei Guipin’s eyes-what would be important in the middle of the night?! She dared not neglect, and was about to answer, please, when a cold female voice appeared outside the bedroom door. “Empress, I have something urgent to see you!” Mei Guipin raised her voice and ordered someone to open the door. Smiling, she stepped forward and said, “Why is my sister in such a hurry?” Morning dew came in, regardless of courtesy, ordered people to close the door, to Mei Guipin, asked a straightforward question. “Empress, do you want to be pregnant with a dragon again?” Mei Guipin was shocked by this sudden remark. She forced a smile and said, “Shang Yi, what you asked is really strange.” “Empress, you don’t have to cover up anything for the queen now.” She killed your flesh and blood and forced you to frame two concubines, didn’t she? Chen Lu hit the nail on the head, but skillfully described Mei Guipin as an innocent victim. Where did Shang Yi hear it from. “Empress!” The morning dew sighed and looked straight into her heart: “You don’t have to hide it from me!” Mei Guipin was afraid and surprised,Automated warehouse systems, knowing that she could not deny it, so she had to cry out with a cry. The pear blossoms brought rain, which made people pity her: “I don’t want to..” Queen, she forced me.. I’m so scared! “Empress, listen to me, this is not the time to be sad-now there is a golden opportunity..” Morning dew stood in front of the window, said in a low voice, such as the snowy moonlight shining on her body, more hazy and drifting, like ghosts and spirits, a hand, will become illusory. yuan Qi took the empress to the chariot and headed for the Zhaoyang Palace. The queen seemed to have returned to her carefree girlhood, chuckling and whispering about the funny things of the past. “At that time, I was in a hurry to run out to see you, but I stumbled and my clothes were scattered. I was so ashamed that I didn’t dare to see you for two days..” The starlight reflected her slightly haggard face, reflecting a faint pink, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, happy and angry expression. I remember. yuan Qi answered, and under the calm voice, there was also a touch of melancholy. When they returned to the Zhaoyang Palace, the steward’s aunt had already prepared the toiletries. After washing away the dust, the emperors and empresses changed their clothes and lay on their gums. yuan Qi lay quietly, a little tired, and a gentle and timid voice came: “Brother Qi..” How long has it been since she cried like that? He was at a loss, but also some long-lost moved, slowly, caught the catkin that stretched out. The queen, holding the generous and powerful hand, could not help but be moved. She called out again in a low voice, “Go to sleep..” Her shyness surged up and her voice was like a mosquito. yuan Qi stretched out his hand and was about to untie the bead button of her small clothes when he heard a hubbub of voices outside, as if someone had been stopped outside the door. “What happened?!” He got up and asked. Report to. Long live.. Qin Xi broke away from the entanglement of the steward’s aunt. He was so angry and trembling that he said, “Empress Mei is suddenly not good..” I’m afraid it’s. He did not dare to utter the ominous word for fear that the dragon would be furious. What yuan Qi thought it was incredible that at the banquet, Mei Guipin was still in high spirits and had no sick face. How could she be so ill in a few hours? “Is it reliable?”? Who reported it?! The queen put on a shirt, and as she stepped out, her temples were in disorder, and her eyebrows were full of repressed anger and chagrin. “It’s absolutely true, Empress.” Without a word, yuan Qi got up and was served by Qin Xi. He quickly put on his robe. He strode out of the Zhaoyang Palace and asked, “Have you asked for the imperial physician?” There was chaos in the Changchun Palace. Mei Guipin’s face was like gold paper, and she was dying, but she kept convulsing and trembling. For a while, her body was boiling hot, and for a while, she was like ice. From time to time, she made a painful groan in her mouth, which made the maids around her at a loss. Aunt Yue leaned on the bedside and wailed, and several ladies around her were sobbing in a low voice. yuan Qi looked at the group of women and was upset. He dismissed all of them, only to find a man standing by the window under the curtain. It’s me, Your Majesty. The night wind blew her clothes flying, and her black eyes like ice and snow brushed away the heat of his wine. “What are you doing here?” “Save people.” “Do you have a way to save her?” yuan Qi asked with some surprise and looked at Mei Guipin on the bed. “What’s wrong with her?” The morning dew did not answer. In the dark, there seemed to be a sigh. After a while, she said, “No, not to save her.” Meeting yuan Qi’s eyes, she said slowly, “It’s to save you.” Aunt Yue waited anxiously outside, not knowing what Shang Yi had said to the emperor. A moment later, the gate opened and the morning dew walked out quietly, leaving only one command: “Serve the emperor and Empress Mei well!” Aunt Yue, an experienced person, looked at the morning dew and motioned with her eyes. She understood a little. She rejected the rest of the ladies of the court and stayed outside the door herself. She heard a slight gasp from inside, a few faint words, and the sound of clothes rubbing, but she was silent, and her old face was slightly red and hot. More than half an hour later, a low summons came from inside. “Tea.” She hurriedly took two Biluochun, stretched out a big hand, and took it back. This long night,industrial racking systems, for some people, is doomed to be sleepless. Volume II Chapter 36 Sword Ceremony After leaving the Changchun Palace, the morning dew walked on the main road. kingmoreracking.comfrom here.


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