CA Foundation Fasttrack Batch | Parag Gupta Classes – June Attempt Students

It is always advisable to do self-study before the examination as self-study is the best way of studying in the preparation plan. Many good coaching centers inculcate the habit of self-study in students and guide them as and when required. A proper study plan with proper monitoring shall also be done so that students shall not be demotivated in between.

On the other hand, joining coaching classes for the CA foundation exam helps the students make a proper timetable and complete the course well before the exams. Preparation for exams and self-study shall not be ruled out by any student after taking CA foundation coaching classes. The Best Coachingcoaching for CA Foundations, such as StudyByTech, will always ensure that the syllabus is completed on time and that students have enough time to self-study. After that, mock tests and help sessions are taken up so that students will be able to resolve all of their doubts without hesitation. Faculties of StudyByTech believe that there is no silly doubt, hence here the students get ample atmosphere to discuss doubts & excel in exams. will always ensure that the syllabus is completed on schedule and that there is enough time for students to self-study. Following that, mock tests and support sessions are held so that students can settle all of their doubts without fear. StudyByTech’s faculties think that there is no such thing as a foolish question, thus students are given adequate opportunity to clarify their concerns and achieve in exams.


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