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Add description for youTrish was beside Sarin, and she was angry. He said to Dorothy, “If you ever speak to your master like that again, I’ll break every bone in your body. Do you understand?” Dorothy kept quiet about Trish’s warning. He didn’t dare to go against Trish, a demon more than ten times stronger than him. It was just a coincidence that Trish defended Sarin. Just now, Sarin asked Rex’s men to entangle the big devil for three frames to give him a chance to attack. Trish remembered it in her heart. In fact, his strength can also entangle the big devil. It’s just life threatening. Sarin refused to risk his demon, and he had a good feeling for the master in his heart. He is a high-level demon and knows something about demons and humans, so he is not particularly disgusted with following Sarin. As long as the owner is similar to the former human, it is acceptable. In Trish’s opinion, Sarin will die soon, and his life will be long, after Sarin dies. He can get a lot of benefits, and he should be loyal. Dorothy is different. If Sarin becomes a nine-level wizard, Dorothy will even die in front of Sarin. Trish’s wisdom was also very high, and from Nellie’s death, he saw Lolo’s attachment to the human. This Lologaro will also be his superior after Sarin’s death, and he will always lead him. Make a good relationship with Sarin so that you can survive better in the future. For Nailisong, Cuisong is convinced. Lolo,Magnesium Sulphate producer, who has developed three abilities, has a promising future. Sarin was surprised, but he said to Dorothy, “Now you say, why left?” Dorothy hesitated for a moment and then said, “The left side is not a fatal danger to us.”. There is only one living being left in the city, at the exit. On this road,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, there are only half-dead. They don’t have necromancy. He lost his natural ability again, and if he fought, he would be almost the same as me. “But the right side is safe.” There are many skeletons buried on the left. Creatures from all planes, master. If you want those bones, you should come here and dig them up. “Sarin, the crystal is the most important,” said Rex. She saw that Salin had some conation and quickly reminded Salin himself what these people should value and give up. Dorothy, warned by Trish, did not dare to make a face at Sarin, but he did not care about Rex. If you want to go to the left, help yourself. Rex was slightly angry, and the mage beside her looked at Dorothy. Undaunted, Dorothy said coldly, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, “In the graveyard on the left, there is the skeleton of a six-winged flying snake. I don’t believe you don’t want it.” Rex suddenly lost his temper. The Serpent, the guardian totem of the Glucos family, was also a powerful creature. If it is not in Luojia City, she can go to fetch the crystal first, and then come back to consider excavating the skeleton of the six-winged flying snake. But the city is a huge maze, and once you go right, it may take years to find the way. You can only go forward, not backward. This is the most annoying part of the Labyrinth. Once you make a wrong move, your previous efforts will be completely wasted. “Master, go left,” Nellis said in Sarin’s ear. “Dorothy should have found something more valuable. He’s more afraid of death than we are.” Nellis has a point. Of all the demons, Dorothy is the most afraid of death. The life span of his race will not be too long, at most two thousand years, generally no more than eight hundred years. Dorothy is middle-aged and has little time left. He would cherish life more, go left, and if it was too dangerous for him, he would give up, instead of telling Sarin that there was a treasure there. Although demons are different from human beings, they are both intelligent creatures, and their nature is the same to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Trish, you protect Eleanor. We’re going left. Salin saw that Rex could not withstand the temptation, so he said nothing more. Speaking of danger, entering the desert of purgatory is the greatest danger. Afraid of everything, it is better to hide in the city of Metatron and wait for the arrival of the teacher. The road on the left becomes spacious as soon as you enter. The houses on both sides seem to have retreated hundreds of meters, forming a very open area. The transparent cover in the sky turned gray. Dorothy and Eleanor were in front, and suddenly they crashed into an invisible wall, and the air rippled. Zola and Trish didn’t react and had to crash in immediately. Stop Rex shouted, and the swordsman, who was about to follow, stopped at once. Why stop? Salin was a little worried when she saw Eleanor disappear behind the invisible wall. There was still a huge amount of knowledge in Eleanor that he had not learned. Besides, he had promised to protect Eleanor. Now Eleanor disappeared with two demons, so how could he not be nervous. Rex stroked the Shinra Ring on his hand, felt it, and then said to Sarin, “Look around.” Salin released his perception and searched carefully around, only to find that his team, not knowing when, had fallen into a closed environment. There are invisible walls on all sides, and these walls are not fixed but constantly changing. Now I can’t find them even if I follow them. Let’s not disperse. “It’s impossible not to disperse.” Sarin’s perception was so delicate that he could tell that it was not a wall around him, but a force that separated the space. It’s easy to walk into five people at the same time, but it’s almost impossible to get the whole team into the same space. Unless Rex uses the Zhong Luo Ring now. Master, there is no word for graveyard in the demon language. Nellis said suddenly. What do you mean Demons don’t need tombs. The only similar word is battlefield,Magnesium Oxide price, or. The place to kill and poke. But if that word comes up, Eleanor will bring it up. She just said danger. “What’s behind this?” “I don’t know the divine language, master. You can try to analyze it after learning it for so long.” 。 stargrace-magnesite.comr Article from here.


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