We frequently assist with problems like pain, limited movement, stomach problems, delays in sitting up, crawling and walking, and balance. Children who experience these symptoms may also become easily distracted, irritable, and have trouble sleeping and eating.


We have undergone specialised training for this age group and can treat infants as young as a few days old. Compared to kids or adults, babies tend to respond much more quickly, so treatment plans are frequently very condensed.



Children’s posture is also improved without exercise thanks to our secure, reliable, and predictable treatment. We have discovered that many children are developing postural problems as a result of modern footwear, furniture, toys, and technology. Thankfully, with our help and guidance, this is frequently completely reversible.We frequently assist with posture problems such as knock-knees, flat feet, pigeon chest, and overarching of the spine. Children of all ages could receive assistance from us where others have failed.


Additionally, we discover that our therapy has a huge positive impact on the balance, disposition, mobility, and cognitive function of kids with cerebral palsy. This is so that the treatment can lessen abnormal stress on the nervous system as well as on the muscles, joints, and bones. Find out more information about ABC here.



Before you schedule a comprehensive assessment, we offer a free consultation with one of our ABC specialists to make sure we can help your child.


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