Artificial marble mix ingredients

artificial marble components

Artificial marble is made from a mixture of marble powder and glue, in addition to applying colors and dyes to obtain it in the desired shape, although it is man-made, but it is not judged as bad compared to natural marble, as it is widely used in many uses.

Industrial marble

Artificial marble is a commercial industrial alternative to natural marble, as it is manufactured by humans instead of cutting it from natural stones, as it is a type of limestone, but with a more compact texture, and a softer and smoother texture. Artificial marble is used in the manufacture of floors in addition to entrances and staircases, where there are many colors from transparent glowing to dark

Advantages of using artificial marble

The use of artificial marble is distinguished from natural marble by several advantages, which are summarized in:

The design of artificial marble is characterized by beauty, due to the use of pigments and colors that may not be found in natural marble, which gives an ideal aesthetic, in addition to the glue used to prevent the presence of pores between the crushed marble particles, which gives an attractive shine.

It is easy to maintain when exposed to minor scratches, and it is non-porous because a protective layer is placed on it, unlike natural marble, which is characterized by its porosity, which leads to it absorbing the colors of liquids if spilled on it.

It is easy to clean with a soft sponge.

Artificial marble is characterized by its low cost.

It is easy to install without the need for additional small parts, as it is designed and manufactured based on precise measurements.

natural marble

Natural marble is known as a limestone composed of calcium carbonate, produced in nature by both high temperature and pressure, so it is considered a metamorphic rock, used in the manufacture of statues, monuments, table tops, interior decoration and many other uses. It consists mainly of an element Calcite, which controls the hardness of marble and its ability to reflect light and transmit depending on the percentage of calcite in the marble


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