Ancient Tomb of Buddhist Doctor _ Flying Apsaras

Add description for your Article frThe position of the consignor’s signature is empty. It seems that the other party deliberately did not leave his name. This way of doing things is clearly the style of Tang Gun. In the past, I would open it with a smile to see what strange things this guy had sent to himself, but now, my mood suddenly sank to the bottom, and my throat was very uncomfortable. What’s the matter? Is it from Tang Gun? Fang Xing appeared at the door. Yes With a deep sigh, I sat down on the swivel chair in front of my desk. I have received this kind of big box twice before, once it contained a complete set of Spanish cattle bones, and the other time it was an ancient Korean pearl robe excavated from a Japanese sea tomb, which was given to Situ Kai and eventually entered the antique auction market on Hong Kong Island. I think it’s going to be a relic of the Don gun, not an inexplicable antique. Shen Nan, don’t let your personal emotions control your thinking ability. I think there are a lot of doubts about Tang Gun. When he burned the information, he shot at you. This has to be said to be a kind of insane performance. Also, he said that the secret that Leng Qi wanted to move was only one side of the story, and we had to listen to the tape and then consider it comprehensively. Fang Xing suddenly stopped, approached the table, and slowly hugged my shoulder. For a moment, I felt that the hearts of two people were very close, and both of them were tired beyond measure, as if they would die of exhaustion at any time. I know you are very tired. After dinner, we will take a break for a few hours, and then listen to the recording and open the package of Tang Gun at the same time. She whispered softly in my ear. Before I could answer, Guan Bo rushed in and laughed awkwardly: “Have a meal. I’ll go out for a walk later. You can discuss the business slowly.” Fang Xing rose gracefully and took my hand,calcium ammonium nitrate price, not caring at all about Guan Bo’s snicker. This meal, Fang Xing and I ate very well, after all, in the desert only eat compressed food, the stomach is almost full. Guan Bo ate very little and kept turning up his wrist to look at his watch. Only then did I find that he had just changed a new Omega watch, and it was a valuable new 2006 model, worth more than 20,000 Hong Kong dollars. Little brother,Magnesium Oxide powder, you enjoy yourself, I go out for a walk, go out for a walk. In the middle of the meal, he wiped his mouth with a napkin and left early. I shrugged, puzzled by the old man’s anomaly. Even if he renewed his friendship with Mrs. Fang, he wouldn’t be as restless as a young man, would he? Fang Xing turned off the headlights in the dining room, leaving only a crystal wall lamp, and then replaced the record player in the study with an old record, which turned out to be the song of Feng Feifei, the most popular singer of the older generation. That is Guan Bo’s collection, I do not know how willing to hand over to Fang Xing to appreciate, in short, every time I see his attitude towards Fang Xing, I can not help but feel jealous. Old songs make people nostalgic, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate price, and when a person knows nostalgia, it proves that he is completely old. Guan Bo and his mother are all the same. Fang Xing returned to the table, his face covered with sadness again. I did not answer, but took her right wrist in silence, feeling that her pulse was steady and strong, without any difference. Fang Xing said that she had a premonition of her own doomsday, but she was not the soul boy with the reincarnation skills of the Living Buddha, so some words could not be 100% sure. I hope my mother and Guan Bo can have a happy ending. How about you? She stared at me. Everyone has to have a happy ending, I promise. There is another meaning in my words. However, you are a mortal, not God, can not reverse the universe, reverse life and death. The people around us are dying one by one. What can we do but watch? She suddenly got up, nearly knocked over the cup in front of her, waved her arm and said loudly, “No matter, go to see the information left by Tang Gun and Leng Qi!” Before opening the parcel, I carefully looked around the courtyard and searched the opposite roof and the balconies of all the residents with binoculars, making sure that no one was paying attention to this side before closing the curtains of the study. All the curtains in the small building are added with double shade cloth, from the outside, there is no light shadow at all. I weighed the package and found that it weighed about twenty kilograms, at least not another big stone. Fang Xing had already neatly found the tape recorder in the drawer, put the roll of miniature tape in it, and then pressed the play button. Leng Qi’s voice rang out: “Shen Nan, this should be my last words, because I don’t know when I will die under the gun of the Blood-eating House.”. It’s really strange that I’m being chased by my friends, hiding here and there, and I’m in a precarious situation. Will anyone believe me if I say it? Including you, Shen Nan, would you believe it? I took the scissors, cut the thick sealing tape, opened the lid of the box, and there was another layer of carton inside, and then a black leather file box. Fang Xing stretched out his hand to lift the silver buckle on the file box, but I opened it: “Slow down, let me do it.” She did not know about the Tang Gun, because the Tang Gun liked to play tricks on people and would put some harmless poison in some places to deal with the postmen who tried to steal things from the box. I bent over and sniffed the lid of the box, first took a pair of thickened plastic gloves and put them on, then pressed the buckle and opened the file box. The clasp is coated with a kind of’itching powder ‘from Sumatra, once it touches the skin, it will make people itch for three days and three nights, and there is no cure. I didn’t blame Fang Xing for her carelessness, but I was worried that she would become absent-minded again. The box was filled with large and small black wooden boxes, and on top of the box was an extended version of the video tape. Fang Xing was stunned and burst out laughing: “Tang Gun and Leng Qi are good friends. One gave us a tape and the other gave you a video. Is it a trick that has been discussed for a long time?” She picked up the videotape with the words “suicide note” written on the yellow label. I shook my head with a wry smile. “Tang Gun likes to play pranks. Don’t worry about it. Let’s see what’s in the wooden box.” Fang Xing picked up a square wooden box, lifted the lid, and inside was a string of black bracelets, made of more than a dozen black round beads, each of which was carved with a smiling Buddha’s head. Then open a wooden box, inside is a dragon carved from gold,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, exquisite craftsmanship, not only the dragon’s soaring posture is lifelike, but also every piece of scale armor is shining. stargrace-magnesite.comom here.


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