A human firework

In the melodious background music, this documentary about bird migration is officially over. Xia Xi said, “That BGM was really nice.” Zhou Jieran slanted his head: “Hmm?” “I don’t know what its name is.” Zhou Jieran was silent for two seconds and said, “It’s called River Flows In You.” “You know?” Xia Xi translated, “River Flows In You..” The river that flows on you? “Yes.” Zhou Jieran looked at Xia Xi and asked, “Do you like it very much?” Xia Xi looked into his eyes and stammered for no reason: “Teng..” I like it. “Want to know what the full version looks like?” Xia Xi continued to stammer: “I..” I’ll just go back and search. She always felt that if she said “yes”, something would happen to upset the balance of the past. Zhou Jieran ignored her and took the black iPad that Lu Yice threw on the sofa. The iPad didn’t have a password, and Zhou Jieran didn’t look at the desktop, so he clicked directly on the Apple App Store and downloaded an APP that Xia Xi didn’t see the name at all. Zhou Jieran opened the APP again. Xia Xi immediately saw two rows of virtual piano keys unfolding in front of her eyes. The keyboard effect seems to look better than the old piano in the classroom after being processed. “This song is written by Yiruma, who is the best at writing love in Korea,” Zhou Jieran said to Xia Xi while auditioning. It seems to be Li Runmin in Chinese? He has a lot of good songs, “Kiss the Rain” is probably his most famous one, but I prefer the one just now. “Oh..” Xia Xi is a little silly. He himself said, “River Flows In You” means that I am somewhere, experiencing the passage of time with you, just like looking at the river together,Flush valve price, which is very fortunate and beautiful. “Well..” Xia Xi thought for a moment and felt that she was really lucky and beautiful, although she herself had not yet experienced love. I’ve played this piece before, but I don’t really remember the score. Zhou Jieran said, searching out a music score in the APP, first slowly crossing it from beginning to end, then shrinking the small window to only two lines,Flush Retrofit Kit, “I’m not sure I can go down smoothly, just listen to it.” Xia Xi became completely dull. Now she was finally sure that Zhou Jieran would play the song she had just said she liked completely for her. There is no piano here, so Zhou Jieran reluctantly used his small iPad. General Manager Zhou.. “Shh.” Zhou Jieran turned off the TV, drooped his eyelashes, turned up his long legs, and tapped his fingers on the “piano keys”. After a while, the familiar melody drifted into Xia Xi’s ears. She was surprised by the consistency and dexterity. However, Xia Xi soon remembered that she had read it in the article about Tuesday’s young master, Jack Sue, who was very good at piano and had won many prizes. Think also can understand, for this kind of Gao Shuai Fu, the family itself will invite all kinds of famous teachers to train. Zhou Jieran’s fingers are beautiful. He held the tablet with his left hand and tapped the keys skillfully with his right hand. The music floated in the living room, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel shower tray, and Xia Xi felt. Even better, with a little blush and a heartbeat. About two minutes later, the last note ended, but there seemed to be music floating in the living room. Zhou Jieran raised his finger, closed his small iPad, and looked up at Xia Xi. Xia Xi suddenly did not dare to look at the other side, eyes fluttering around: “.” It’s very nice, thank you. The strange atmosphere lasted for several seconds, and Zhou Jieran hesitated to speak. After a while, he suddenly threw the iPad to Xia Xi: “You play by yourself first, and I’ll check the mail.” Then he ran away. Oh Oh Xia Xi looked at Zhou Jieran’s back, shook his head, put Lu Yice’s iPad aside, and began to be in a daze. Is the ambiguous atmosphere just now an illusion? Chapter 21 breaking the ice (10). Cooperate with Xiao Ya “acting” to Lu Yice to see the next morning, Xia Xi went to Yin Qianqiu’s office to chat with him. She is not a person who wants a chance but keeps silent. In her opinion, opportunities need to be fought for, so that the boss knows that she is eager and she will cherish them. A good boss will appreciate and protect the initiative of his subordinates, even if he feels that the other party’s ability is not enough, he will talk openly. Xia Xi knew he was lucky because Jiang Zhan and Yin Qianqiu were both “good bosses”. She knocked at lawyer Yin’s door: “Lawyer Yin.” Yin Qianqiu looked up and teased her: “Lawyer Xia.” “I want to talk to you, okay?” Yin Qianqiu closed the file in his hand: “Come on.”. Talk about what? He is alone in the room and is not afraid of being heard. Well, “Xia Xi closed the wooden door of the office and sat on the chair beside the table.” The case of Lion City Group has been tried for the second time. ” “I heard about that.” “Maintain the first item of the first instance and cancel the contract; cancel the second and third items of the first instance and change the judgment of Lion City Group’s breach of contract.” “Mmm.” “Lawyer Yin, I..” I think.. Xia Xi plucked up his courage. “I didn’t do anything wrong either.” Yin Qianqiu smiled, like a spring breeze: “Of course you didn’t do anything wrong.” Otherwise, we are the losers. And the Lion City does not cooperate, insist on lying, of course, I have to ask the truth, this is the principle. I can’t help it if they are so angry. In fact, if they choose to confess, I am confident that they will not lose so badly. “I believe that.” Xia Xi continued to discuss: “So, lawyer Yin, I would like to ask, is it possible for me to continue to represent the Lion City in such a lawsuit?”? I know it was because you had something to ask for leave last time, but I think I can express myself. The first trial won Fazheng’s son, and the second trial was fired. There is no responsibility. Uh Yin Qianqiu is still laughing, “addicted?”? Don’t want to do divorce, inheritance and other small lawsuits? “Not really.” Xia Xi answered,stainless steel toilet, “Small also has a small meaning, but at the same time, big also has a big meaning.” 。 cnkexin.com


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