25% Increase in Traffic with the Result of Storytelling Video Advertising.

Stories make memories “sticky” by associating feelings with actual events. You likely have vivid memories of the cast, the conflict, and the storyline and can retell the events without missing a beat. This is how compelling a narrative can be.


A strong narrative distinguishes unique content from the forgettable in any medium, including movies, books, and, yes, even brand videos. And you probably already know how compelling a narrative gives your business a competitive edge. A good tale may provide a number of advantages when it comes to fostering brand loyalty and visibility.


But how can you create the ideal narrative and convey it in a compelling, moving, and mesmerizing way? As per Nielsen, there are around 121 million families in the U.S. with TVs. Add to that figure the 294.15 million cell phone clients and the 298.8 million dynamic web clients, and you have yourself a critical crowd fit for accepting your showcasing message.


Narrative-based content marketing is at the core of storytelling and helps people engage with your business.




It begins by outlining a typical problem or challenge and finishes by offering a workable solution to that problem. It focuses on a story and creating an emotional connection with the audience rather than the product characteristics and the brand itself.


Cutting Slabs with Content

Videos can be used in several ways. For instance, a branding film might be used to motivate employees or cultivate customer affinities and loyalty. You can also use 2D animation services and 3D animation services as an ad on television or a streaming service, with shorter clips suitable for social media platforms. Conversation while narrating constantly makes the video more engaging, authentic, and credible. Audiences find it more interesting than rehearsed speech.


Although it may not follow proper grammar rules, it has a more substantial impact on the audience’s Win-win possibility.

Build with Emotions

Your video can summon outrage, warmth, misery, euphoria – whatever the inclination, for however long it’s imparted, really and successfully. It will have a significant effect.


All things being equal, how would you impart feelings in a video? Each part of your video ought to do this – the content, the visuals, the entertainers or subjects, the lighting, the props, the music – everything. However, the leading developer of feelings in a video is Story. improvement. To begin with, an engaging reason, present a contention component and balance your story with a goal afterward.


That is precisely the thing this video by HP does. It’s a little on the more drawn-out side, but it consistently sneaks up on you suddenly, balancing a delightfully sad story with an incredibly fulfilling and tragic conclusion. Your job is to sell something, whether you own the business or work there for a paycheck, but most potential clients don’t see it that way.

Engage & Target the Audience

The video gains meaning and impact as a result. This might be accomplished by including the person directly or their voiceover. Ever notice how storylines sound so much more lovely and satisfying when celebrities like Morgan Freeman star in or narrate videos? How come?

He has a voice and charm and has the authority to command attention.

You want to include people like that in your videos. Having someone who would be taken seriously would be beneficial. During the initial two-fourths of 2019, a similar examination observed that 3.3 million week after-week hours were consumed. Also, it’s estimated that by 2022, 82% of worldwide web traffic will come from video web-based downloads.

A media pitch can be made more attractive by including a link to curated video material. This can increase your earned media pickups and position you and your business as subject matter experts who can comment on upcoming news stories.

The Sound & Visuals holds credibility.

Surprisingly, explainer videos can convey meaning without using words or music. Yes, employing voiceover or a spoken story can be helpful, but using great, compelling pictures makes a video considerably more effective, regardless of the audio. What you see on the screen directly impacts how you feel, just like in the HP video up top. You’ll feel empty and lonely if you use dark hues and a plain background.

You’ll feel joyful and hopeful if you use sunshine and vivid, vibrant colors. Without spoken words or voiceover, the piece’s music effectively establishes its mood. If your script is strong, narration can help you present a more literal story, which is excellent but terrible if it lacks nuance or authenticity. Often, combining a combination of these three sound methods provides the most dynamic and exciting video.


Play around with the sound settings. Whichever you choose, you’ll need a skilled editor to bring it all together and high-quality sound to enhance your visual story.


Reach out to your Audience

Directing your audience to action at the end of your video is crucial, regardless of the activity you want them to take.



The time is now to use video as a useful and cost-effective part of your marketing strategy. A full-service video production company can assist with concept development, script writing, casting, high-definition filming, and editing for all formats, streamlining the process and ensuring a polished, finished product. The only thing left for you to do is get ready for your close-up. Action, camera, light!


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