Immerse yourself in this fascinating oriental world, full of exotic smells, ancient traditions and stories. A breath of 1001 nights awaits you. With us you will catch a glimpse into the life of the Berbers, Arabs and Gnawa. You will discover the splendor of former and present cities. Experience the colorfulness and vastness of the desert with all your senses and see breathtaking landscapes. Get to know with us the eventful history of this country. Which is still visible and tangible in all parts today.

We offer you this round trip to the most important cities, and places with expert guides. Who will lead you safely and comfortably through the country. The culture and the traditions, You do not need your own rental car. With our air-conditioned vehicles, even the longest routes can be comfortably mastered. Places like the imperial city of Meknès, the medieval city of Fez. The Roman ruins of Volubilis or the Berber camp in the desert. Should not be missing on your trip. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon. We welcome you most cordially!

 visit Essaouira



If you let your eyes wander over the sea on the old Portuguese fortress, you will discover them: The Purple Islands. These islets, off the coast of the small harbor town of Essaouira, or formerly Mogador, got their name because the Phoenicians used to extract the precious dye purple from sea snails here, which was reserved for kings and nobles. Colors still play a role in this small artist town and its many, sometimes hidden art museums, which is also famous for its music scene and the annual Gnawa music festival. If you still have room in your luggage, you should buy one of the beautiful wooden works made of thuja and lemon tree. And don’t miss the morning local fish market. Would you like to try a freshly caught oyster? Or have a fish you’ve never seen before prepared on the spot? The variety is indescribable. Of course, a walk on the miles of wide sandy beach is a must. We take you there, to this picturesque little town: Africa North Journeys.


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